Feeling the Eclipse & Beyond – Feb 10

Snapshot: The Full Moon brings us the emotional reset exact at 7:32pm on Friday night. Watch and FEEL what happens! Saturday brings us productive Soulful clarity and higher consciousness. And by evening, our motivations get a productive nudge from our subconscious mind.

On the heels of the Eclipse, we will have some very powerful clarity pouring in all day on Saturday.

At 4:47am the Sun at 22:51 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 22:51 Pisces.

Here we have some clarity that can bring in Soul Awareness. Uranus rules Aquarius and Uranus+Chiron is Soul Awareness. Sleeping through this is fine. Try to bring it into your waking consciousness.

At 10:25am the Sun at 23:06 Aquarius Trines Jupiter at 23:06 Libra.

This completes a 3-way aspect through the day which brings in ALL the Higher Mind energies: Sun in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus); Chiron in Pisces (ruled by Neptune) and Jupiter. Should be very illuminating! AND it should help you to relate better to others overall. You can see the Soul connection and use this to ease any issues between you and others.

At 8:49pm Mars at 11:02 Aries Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 11:02 Pisces.

Not a huge aspect, but a helpful one. Mar’s actions will align with subconscious knowing. We may even begin to glimpse how our motivations have changed as Mars Transited through Pisces and why we are acting as we are. Or why someone else is acting that way? It is easier to find our personal freedom right now as we have no fears inhibiting us.

By the Solar Eclipse on Feb 26, Mars will continue to run the gauntlet of aspecting the Outer Planets:

Mars Semi-Sextiles Neptune on Feb 11

Mars Ses-Squares the North Node on Feb 21

Mars Squares Pluto on Feb 22 (with Pluto still in orb of his Ses-Square to North Node of Feb 12)

Mars Conjuncts Uranus at Feb 26 (day of the Solar Eclipse)

Mars Semi-Sextiles Chiron on Mar 1

As Mars is the forward-most Personal Planet at the moment, see what your motivations are telling you is up ahead via these aspects. The week before the Solar Eclipse holds potential for danger and accidents. But see if you can’t prepare to diffuse the energy with your actions.


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