Finger of God Inside the Finger of Merlin-Feb 5-9

Snapshot: Sunday through Thursday we have magical bookends that create a rolling Finger of Merlin into a very Soulful point around our service, health, work, duty, fitness, etc. But Tuesday night and Thursday morning bring a rolling Finger of God pointing into the same Soulful point right inside the Finger of Merlin.

Fingers of Merlin are created by 2 Biquintile aspects that point into the same Planet or Point. Fingers of God are created by 2 3D aspects called by a Quincunx that require an adjustment be made. Three of our Personal Planets, Mars, Venus and Mercury, form these Fingers to the Nodes of Fate. Mercury formed a Biquintile on Sun and will form a Quincunx on Thursday morning.

These 2 Finger aspects this week point into the North Node in Virgo and boomerang the energy back into the South Node in Pisces, Conjunct Neptune. With the adjustment aspects (Quincunx) exacting a Finger of God within the magical aspects (Biquintiles) that exact the Finger of Merlin.

This week is ALL ABOUT the Soulful (Nodes of Fate) way we EXTERNALIZE (Virgo) our collective subconscious minds (Pisces/Neptune in Pisces). We are nearing the end of the Virgo/Pisces Eclipses with the final one occurring across this axis on Feb 26.

We have been learning how to externalize a new reality as the Nodes of Fate and Eclipses fall across this axis. AND we have 2 of the Personal Planets recently surfacing from their immersion in Pisces deep waters as they Transited through the Sign to ingress Aries (Mars and Venus, in that order).

This set up is another PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to understand the subconscious mind and how we MANIFEST in Virgo what is hidden there. Once we manifest it, we have to deal with it. But KNOWING how this happens is a big part of the reality of our experience here in human form.

When the Sun Conjuncts the South Node on Feb 21, we will have some clarity on what these 2 Fingers have been pointing to us to see.

For now, the 4 aspects that form these 2 Fingers are listed here:

Sun, Feb 5, 11:12am Mercury at 27:28 Capricorn Biquintiles the North Node at 3:28 Virgo. See earlier post.

Tues, Feb 7, 11:29pm Venus at 3:24 Aries Quincunx the North Node at 3:24 Virgo.                  See earlier post.

Thur, Feb 9, 10:29am Mercury at 3:22 Aquarius Quincunx the North Node at 3:22 Virgo.

After the magical aspect, Mercury has ingressed Aquarius and based on the awareness he receives in Aquarian energies, he will need to make an adjustment to align Soulfully to this work, health, fitness, duty, volunteering issues.

Thu, Feb 9, 2:30pm Mars at 9:21 Aries Binquintiles the North Node at 3:21 Virgo.

Mars’ actions today will lead to magical results and a KNOWING of how this reality was created. You can accomplish much under this energy. So go for the gold AND the magic will follow.

NOTE: The Biquintiles create the Finger of Merlin and the Quincunx form the Finger of God occurring inside the Finger of Merlin. Time to change up your 3D Karmic self into 5D Merlin magic.

With this Soulful lesson absorbed, we are days from the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse across the Leo/Aquarius axis. You will begin to feel the energies as the Moon ingresses Leo at 4:40am on Thursday, Feb 9th. What will be eclipsed from your life (as Lunar Eclipses do) will depend on the House where you have 22:28 Leo/Aquarius:

1st/7th House: you and your partnerships or close friends

2nd/8th House: your money and their money; your desires  love interests and your intimate partners (also benefactors of all types)

3rd/9th House: siblings and neighbors and your mentors, pastors, foreigners

4th/10th House: your mom, nurturing, home and your career, public authorities or father-types

5th/11th House: your entertainers/party friends and groups you belong to or acquaintances

6th/12th House: your co-workers, roommates, healthcare, fitness types and your hidden enemies or your own self-undoing

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