Adjusted Motivations & Healing Words-Feb 1

Snapshot: Late afternoon (EST) we will have to adjust our actions to align more Soulfully around the work or health issues. But late evening will bring some healing words.

At 3:49pm Mars at 3:27 Aries Quincunx the North Node at 3:27 Virgo.

Here we have to adjust our motivations as we consider those we serve or our own health and well-being issues. You may be seeking some passion, but the other person has a headache, you know the drill;) But on a more serious note, as Mars move forward acting on his new motivations this aspect will bring up an adjustment that is necessary for continuing the forward motion. Just make it and wait for the Biquintile that is just up ahead on Feb 9th and you will see how this adjustment creates a magical outcome at that time.

At 9:30pm Mercury at 22:22 Capricorn Sextiles Chiron at 22:22 Pisces.

Here some authority-type’s words will go a long ways towards offering some solace to an issue where we may have felt some shame or guilt. Or your own sense of self could have you telling someone else to let go of any anguish they have felt over the last few months.

NOTE: At 11:10pm on Tuesday night Pluto slipped into 18+ degrees of Capricorn. If you have Planet or Point on this degree, you will begin to notice his energy building to aspect it. Pluto will exact his Opposition to my Natal Mars (18:39 Cancer) on Feb 24. This will be the last hard aspect Pluto will make in my chart for a few years… whew! As many of you know, he has sat Conjunct my Stellium in the first half of Capricorn since 2008. And it has been a big wrecking ball to the structures (Capricorn) of my life. My Natal Mars is in my 2nd House with Pluto Transiting my 8th House. So, yes, finances are at play… power plays, probably. I’m supposing that since Pluto did most of his destruction as he approached my Stellium (2008-2009), this is just going to be rather minor. There are some interesting possibilities with this, too 😉 We’ll see!

Pluto is in new territory for the year ahead and he will be aspecting 18-19+ degrees. If you feel like Pluto is building to aspect one of your Natal Planets, it might be a great time for a Reading. Readings are by Donation. Email me or text me 704-488-0204.

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