Conscious Motivation & Freedom-Jan 31

Snapshot: All day on Tuesday you will be hearing or expressing your new motivations. Your words and actions will feel magical and as the next aspect builds, you will have some awareness all around you showing your path to freedom.

Here were 2 minor aspects just after midnight on Monday. You may recall what these were about:

At 12:02am Mercury at 18:24 Capricorn Ses-Square the North Node at 3:24 Virgo

This was some thought or expression that created an adjustment that resulted in ease. The adjustment and ease were related to your work/health/duty and your use of power.

At 2:03am the Sun at 10:35 Aquarius Semi-Sextiled Neptune at 10:25 Pisces

Here we have some helpful clarity around what Neptune has been morphing in the House where we have 10:25 Pisces in our Natal chart. The Sun in Aquarius is clarity that helps us change. When we see what Neptune is dissolving, we can change our goals to follow.

NOTE: At about 5:43pm on Monday, Venus enters her Shadow at 26:55 Pisces, Phase 1 of her impending Retrograde cycle. She will Transit to 13:09 Aries and Stations Retrograde on Saturday, Mar 4 around 4:00am. This is NOT your best date night 😉 As your desires could change by the time you wake up! Ahh… as the Planets Orbit, so are the cycles of our lives.

On Tuesday at 5:43pm Mercury at 20:46 Capricorn Quintiles Mars at 2:46 Aries.

Over the last few days, we have been acting on our new motivations as Mars ingressed Aries. Now this 5D/magical aspect to Mercury means that we can express our motivations and actions to those who may have some authority over us or who feel like ‘fathers.’ Mars rules Aries so he is at home here with strong initiating energy and action. You may have noticed what you were suddenly doing on Sunday morning and you will now be expressing it to someone else or they will express it to you.

At 10:31pm Mercury at 21:03 Capricorn Squares Uranus at 21:03 Aries.

With this aspect we can receive the awareness of where our new motivations are leading us. Uranus will light up the road before us and show us the goal that Mars is shooting for. Mars will Conjunct Uranus on Feb 26, the day of the Solar Eclipse at 8:12 Pisces! This is going to be an interesting window to see how our new motivations from Mars are serving to move us right into the Rapid ‘Fresh Start’ Change of the Solar Eclipse.

Uranus in Aries has been helping us to find more personal freedom. As Mercury Squares him Tuesday night, we can expect to see how to secure more freedom, but also how it might not sit so easily with those ‘father-types.’ Still, Uranus is leading us into change and awareness so it is all going to be worth it.


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