Wounded Healer – Jan 25

Snapshot: On Wednesday a woman could heal you or hurt you. You can choose the healing.

At 1:49am Venus at 22:00 Pisces Conjunct Chiron at 22:00 Pisces.

Transiting Chiron is a bit different feeling than our Natal Chiron. It tends to be less painful when aspected than our Natal Chiron. BUT, that may not always be the case because we are USED to our Natal Chiron and many of us have moved out of 3D responses where Chiron isn’t as painful. In 3D, we need Chiron’s pain to cause us to want to return to Soul Awareness. OR we ‘exit stage left’ via suicide in order to escape the immense pain. See 5th Dimension, Soul Awareness, Explained.

If you make it to your Chiron Return, roughly 50 Solar Cycles (or years in 3D), then you will have experienced a bit of ALL of the Chiron woundings.

Right now, Chiron has been in Pisces since April 21, 2010 (though Retrograded back into Aquarius that same year). Collectively, we are experiencing what a Natal Chiron in Pisces or the 12th House feels like. In Pisces, the wounding is hidden though very deep. There is guilt or shame, or both. As well as emotional manipulation. And since Pisces Squares the Signs of communication and ideas (Gemini/Sagittarius axis), lack of communication or forms of communication can cut very deeply as it feels like emotional manipulation. Though it is not the person who isn’t communicating per se, it is that Pisces is formlessness, vague things and where things are dissolved. And Pisces is the Sign of 2 fish swimming in Opposite directions! We go our way and they go theirs. And shall the 2 fish cross paths again? That is the agony of Chiron in Pisces. We don’t know. We can’t feel what is ahead. It is very nebulous and our usual structures suddenly feel like quicksand or a sandcastle washed away with any wave that hits.

The other side of this is that what DOES get said is laced with subconscious fears and whether they are ‘rumors’ or not, they are dancing around in our heads as we try to find the truth, the concrete reality that we so tend to enjoy. But it can not be found with Chiron in Pisces. Especially when Chiron is Squared by Saturn as they are still in orb of their Heartbreak Transit that exacted Dec 28.

Over the last 10 days or week, I have spoken to many about ‘rumors’ they are ‘hearing.’ And Uranus, now direct, seems to be playing a role in our ‘hearing’ about these rumors. He is bringing them into our awareness so we can see where our own fears have been bringing them on. You don’t have to worry that there is any truth to any of it. It is all part of the purging of our collective subconscious mind that Chiron’s Transit through Pisces is bringing us through.

With Neptune in Pisces as well, we could be working to really purge ourselves of our old 3D response to things and the pain involved with it. The last 5 weeks has really been very nebulous with Mars and then Venus Transiting Pisces. And don’t forget the South Node, too!

As Venus Transits Pisces, we are dissolving old desires and bringing up to the surface, our conscious mind, new desires for the next annual cycle. As Venus Conjuncts Chiron you have 2 ways to respond to the energy:  1) one is to let a woman, or your own beauty, wound you; and 2) is to accept the healing this aspect can offer.

If you seek to understand Chiron’s role in Pisces, then you can respond in a 5D way and let the healing occur between yourself and another/others. You have the touch to heal today, so use it. Reach out and embrace the beauty in the pain you may have been experiencing.

Remember, ‘you are more real when you are suffering (WestWorld).

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