Running in Deep Water?

Because so many have been whining, including myself ;), here is an explanation of why our motivations are so nebulous and confused: Mars is in Pisces.

Mars rules Aries and the 1st House. Mars likes to INITIATE ACTION. He is Cardinal (initiating) Fire energy. Pisces is the 12th House of the subconscious. Neptune rules Pisces and their energy is MUTABLE WATER (aka EMOTION). Mutable energy is changeable or wishy-washy like the 2 Fishes of the Pisces symbol shows, they are moving in opposite directions AT THE SAME TIME and getting nowhere!

For the last 5 weeks, we have been without our motivational rudder that works on the physical surface of things to steer us where we need to go. Mars is immersed in Pisces depths where his every movement feels like lifting 20xs his weight.

On Jan 28, Mars will ingress Aries and like an amphibian, you can land on the shore RUNNING without having to even think where you are going. Your ACTIONS at that time will show you what your new motivations are until Mars ingresses Pisces again, usually 17 months later if he doesn’t Retrograde.

Adding to Mar’s dilemma is Venus in Pisces, too! Both our male and female energies are immersed and in a hard to read or fathom space… the depths of the subconscious mind. That is 2 of our 4 Personal Planets in a ‘hidden house.’ Its not really much fun if you want to get things done or you want to know what your motivation and desires are.

The Sun just ingressed Aquarius last night so we are getting clear about groups, social networks, Astrology and other bizarre and shocking things we have been considering over the last 3 months as Venus and Mars were Transiting Aquarius.

Mercury is bringing up the rear still moving through early Capricorn for the 3rd time. He has us talking about our changed ideas around our use of power or someone else’s power over us.

Those born with Mars in Pisces can be great Olympians as this is a Mars placement many of them share. If you were born feeling like you have to lift 20xs your weight with each step, you might think that is your real weight and learn to do it with ease. For those of us less fortunate, we are slugging through Mar’s drowning in Pisces. We may be over-sleeping or over-eating trying to get energy from calories. But it is all for naught. IT IS what IT IS!

We are ready for Mars to reveal our new motivations on Jan 28th. But can you imagine (Pisces) yourself hitting the ground running? Probably not right now, but you WILL without having to even think about it!

I’m trying to store up energy for that time as Aries is my 6th House of health/fitness and daily work. All of my website clients have been postponing our meetings until that time!! So the work will be amped up but I should have the energy for it and can’t wait!!

I LOVE to stay busy. All of my Aries Sun friends can relate. Their motto is: “I’d rather be dead than bored;).”

2 thoughts on “Running in Deep Water?

  1. Hi, Wow. I have barely been able to get out of bed this week. I feel exactly like I have on weights and trying to move through quicksand. Thanks for the confirmation. It will be interesting to see what happens next week bc I can’t imagine it now.

    Interestingly enough… I am supposed to see my guy on 1/27 and his 50th birthday is 1/28. Thanks again for your insights. I appreciate it. Have a great weekend. Jen


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