Productive Attraction – Jan 20

Snapshot: On Friday morning we will have some positive results around our attractions or money availability.

At 8:57am Venus at 17:37 Pisces Sextiles Pluto at 17:37 Capricorn.

This is a healthy kind of attraction aspect. You could be using your own resources and sharing resources productively. You are able to avail yourself to intimacy with another without any hesitation. This is the opening aspect of the current Venus/Pluto cycle.

Venus was Conjunct Pluto on Nov 25, 2016. This started a new cycle between these 2 Transiting Planets. What happens Friday morning will reveal a bit about what is ahead this next year between our desires/attractions and our personal resources in relation to our intimacy and shared resources. Just a minor aspect, but a productive one.

It is important to note that Pluto is in new territory as he has left his Retrograde shadow which ended at 17:29 Capricorn. So the story on Friday morning could be a new one. Though we are still morphing our desires with Venus in Pisces and waiting to see what she will reveal when she ingresses Aries on Feb 3. She will reach her Phase 1 of her impending Retrograde cycle on Jan 31 as she will Transit to 13:09 Aries where she will Station Retrograde on Mar 4. Venus will be having us review our new desires that she is bringing up from the deep waters of Pisces.

The remainder of the weekend has no aspects made between the Transiting Planets, though you likely have Personal aspects occurring. A Personal Transit Report is the fastest way for you to begin to understand your Natal energies. As all energies can only be felt when there is an aspect applying to it. The rest of the time the energy is largely dormant. I am doing Personal Transit Reports again now. And I incorporate several Soul-Level (5D) points and 5D/magical aspects occurring for you. The cost is $50 and includes a FREE 30-minute Reading to orient you to maximize your use of the Report. Email me (5D or visit My Store.

On a personal note, I am watching closely these next 6 weeks for one aspect in particular: Transiting Pluto Opposite Natal Mars. The 1st pass will exact on Feb 24th just prior to the Solar Eclipse which is exactly Opposite my Natal Pluto. This last year I have had some very crazy events occurring that I know are tied to Transiting Pluto. There have been an Aquarian Rising and an Aquarian Sun that have created quite the amount of bizarre stuff. They both have Pluto Transiting their 12th House which can create ‘sexual fantasies and delusions’. And Pluto is Transiting my 8th House of intimacy and death while in their 12th House of the subconscious. But add in the mix of Pluto Opposite Mars and it can be quite volatile. I am watching each of the aspects made by the Personal Planets to Pluto and my Mars so I can glean more about the impending situation and what are my best options to managing it. Interestingly enough, as Pluto Opposes my Mars, he will sit in a 5D magical aspect to my Psyche (my Soul mind). This is one of the points that I add into a Transit Report. When Saturn Transited Opposite my Psyche much of last year, the young girl of the 2 individuals told me that when I stopped talking to her (Saturn Opposite Gemini restricts communication), she wanted to hit me with her car. My Psyche is in Gemini, the Sign that rules cars and communication, in my 8th House of ‘death’ and intimacy by Sun Sign and 12th House of ‘endings’ by Rising Sign. I wouldn’t have predicted such a dire response from someone I have only known through her mother! But I could see the energies in my chart. This thing we call ‘life’ is a wild thing, indeed!

I share this with you because it SHOWS the best way to use a Personal Transit Report. You will find it SOOOO interesting if you dig in like you are looking for buried treasure. But without the Soul-Level points that I add, you are merely looking at the 3D side and missing the Soul Awareness of how it is all just an experience. A Transit Report is the next best step you can take to maximizing your awareness.

Aquarian energy is crazy and shocking, but with Pluto involved in Capricorn it is a very drastic thing! And the Eclipses are upon us soon so a Transit Report right now would go a long ways towards helping you navigate the next 3 months!


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