Major Toe-Stubbing Energy-Jan19

Snapshot: You are already feeling this energy building and it may have you very confused about what you want to do. By Thursday morning there is some magical relating available and some healing touch to soothe that stubbed toe!

At 4:15am on Thursday Mars at 23:22 Pisces Squares Saturn at 23:22 Sagittarius.

Not the easiest of energies! Mars in Pisces is uncertain where he is headed and he can’t even get much momentum going in the deep waters of Pisces. But just as he takes his first step, Saturn stops him in his tracks with a stubbed toe. Pisces rules the feet πŸ˜‰ If your actions are thwarted or you just can’t get off the couch because of all the emotional clutter of food boxes all around you, then think how easy it is to stub your toe because you can’t see where you are stepping. Saturn has a rude way of getting Mar’s attention and in a Square it can hurt a bit… or a lot! Mars can also be a man who is going out of his way to avoid you but who ends up running into the same coffee table that you do so that you stub your toe AND butt heads (Mars rules the head) at the same time.

Mars is fresh from his Conjunction with Chiron and still in orb of it. There is some lingering to the Heartbreak Transit of Dec 28 when Saturn Squared Chiron. That same guy may be doing some emotional manipulation again.

Just do your best to let the energy flow through you without reacting. Your response will be in direct proportion to the size bandage you will need πŸ˜‰

At 8:55am Venus at 16:39 Pisces Biquintiles Jupiter at 22:39 Libra.

It doesn’t get much better than this!! Here we have the 2 Healing Planets in a double-magic (5D) aspect. With Venus in Pisces, the healing is coming from a deep place where we are all connected. Jupiter in Libra is expanding our ability to relate. So ALL relating-ships will be open for some great healing with magical results!!

Go for the BIG win!!

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