Seeing thru Neptune Fog – Jan14

Snapshot: Saturday evening we will be able to see into some subconscious part of our lives. It may sting about but the sun can sanitize it.

At 8:52pm the Sun at 25:06 Capricorn Semi- Squares Neptune at 10:06 Pisces.

Any time the Sun shines its light into Neptune’s fog, it is a helpful thing! Though this aspect carries some irritation, what you see will help you set better goals in the area of your life (by House) where you have 10+ Pisces. The Sun is still helping us see how we use our power and authority and there is an irritation to the area of life where Neptune sits.

Neptune is keeping things hidden as he dissolves in an area of your chart where things are hidden anyway (Pisces). For example, in my chart Neptune crossed my Midheaven at 18:47 Aquarius in Spring 2006. He has been dissolving my career, social status, etc. That’s rather obvious if you have known me for awhile 😉 Chiron was in my same house until end of 2016 and is now in my 11th House of self-awareness, Astrology and groups (social network). Neptune has dissolved the public structures (Saturn rules the 10th House of career) quite effectively. You simply have to surrender to it. And learn to trust your Higher Mind Planets, or use your Merlin Mind, as I call it. I’m not a part of the political world anymore. I’m suspended in a magical realm where new ways of being and doing are surfacing from time to time.

What is Neptune dissolving in your life? On Saturday night you will get a peek at what is dissolving. You may think you need that structure as the Semi-Square will have you feeling, but you dont 😉

As of early Friday morning, Mercury ingressed Capricorn again and his final pass over the first 15 degrees is under way.


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