Full Moon, Subconscious Desire-Ja

Snapshot: Early Thursday morning our emotions peak around nurturing vs discipline. Around noon we have clarity around our philosophical accountability. By dinnertime we will deal with our subconscious desires.

At 6:34am the Moon at 22:27 Cancer Opposes the Sun at 22:27 Capricorn.

This is the Full Moon and it will be an inner battle around our mom vs dad energies. Which way will you go over the next 2 weeks? Do you see how you feel about your career/social status progress? It will be heavily determined by the Houses you have 22:27 Cancer/Capricorn in. The Houses will show the ‘actors’ in your Full Moon story.

At 11:32am the Sun at 22:40 Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 22:40 Sagittarius.

This clarity around how well you are living according to your spiritual/cosmic big-picture philosophy. How does your use of power and authority jive here?


At 4:54pm Venus at 10:02 Pisces Conjuncts Neptune at 10:02 Pisces.

This starts a new cycle around our subconscious desires though we may not really sense it until Venus hits Aries and acts on the new desires. On Thursday you may see a hidden fear you’ve had around your desires and need to see how to manage it moving forward. Venus and Neptune in hard aspect can manifest STDs, for instance as it is your subconscious mind alerting you to 3D separation consciousness. Any hesitancy in touching someone is a likely outcome of these 2. So let it serve as a reminder that the physical is only there to show you some subconscious repression. Once you see it, it can be let go. It’s NOT the gift that keeps on giving if you resolve your fear and touch 😉

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