Mercury Direct & Magical Relating-Jan8&9

Snapshot: By the time we wake up in the Northern Hemisphere, our thoughts, ideas and expressions will be looking ahead again. Though we must operate using our Higher Minds (as we always should anyway–lol, that is a CHOICE and a judgment call;) as Mercury is still behind the Sun.

At 4:44am Mercury at 28:52 Sagittarius Stations Direct.

Whew! Mercury Rx is always a fun time to observe the 3D mind that gets twisted up in knots of its own making;) Still, it is always a bit of a relief when he Stations Direct again. Going back into Sagittarius, he has us wrapping up some details around our ‘spiritual philosophy’ as we apply it to our use of power when he returns to Capricorn.

In keeping with his Retrograde phase following Pluto’s Transits from 2008-early 2016, Pluto was last at this degree during his Rx on Aug 2, 2008. I remember back at this time I was receiving emails from people inside the big banks asking me to find ‘foreign buyers’ for 1000’s of US mortgages all across the country. This is when I could see the eventual collapse of the market was coming. Several years ago I had read some Astrologer’s prediction that when Saturn reaches the degree where Pluto was on Sep 18, 2008 when the market DID collapse, that we would see another (or final) collapse. As I don’t watch the news OR pay attention to the market anymore, I don’t know what is occurring here. But I do know there is likely a strong correlation to both Pluto’s and Saturn’s pass of 28+ Sagittarius. Though Mercury is not going back to 28:31 where Pluto was just pulling out of his Direct Station a week or so before. Saturn will cross over this 28+ degree in early-mid December, 2017.

Saturn’s Transit through Sagittarius SHOULD have us all arriving at a new foundational philosophy of abundance that moves us out of 3D fear. So any ‘collapse’ would be the EXACT thing we are READY FOR and NEED to SEE by this time.

On a more personal level, Mercury was last at 28:51 on Dec 1, 2016. See how the story from that time has been revised and how you are flipping your direction in some way.

From Saturday morning through Monday early morning, Mercury’s Direct Station has the full attention of the cosmos. While he won’t EXACT a Quintile to Neptune, he is within a tight orb to a 5D aspect to Neptune as he DOES Station Direct.

That is a wonderful twist to this Direct Station. Adding to the Higher Mind energy, Mercury is in the Sign Jupiter rules so we have some 5D magic between 2 Higher Mind energies keeping Mercury from doing his usual 3D stuff. Your Merlin Mind manipulates Mercury energy to SEE what you can MAGICALLY shift in your reality.

At 4:56am on Monday morning the Sun at 19:20 Capricorn Ses-Squares the North Node at 4:20 Virgo.

Here we have some Soulful clarity around our new ideas of ‘work and service’ that requires an adjustment to the ways we use our own power. The Sun is fresh from the Conjunction with Pluto and has seen the misuse of power and can help us now arrive at a more Soulful way to approach things.

At 7:25am Mars at 15:57 Pisces Biquintiles Jupiter at 21:57 Libra.

WOW! More magic between Neptune and Jupiter energy involving both energies of the ‘sexes’ (Mars and Venus, which rules Libra). This a great help in relating to anyone! You will be able to ACT on your relating in ways that create a surreal type of magic!

If you are struggling with over-drinking or excessive behavior or any type, this aspect can help you to have the philosophy and willpower to keep yourself in balance.


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