Clarity and Letting Go – Jan 7

Snapshot: Friday night we will be getting some clarity around any person or entity that has been misusing their authority over us. It is someone we share resources with or we share ourselves with intimately. On Saturday morning we will have some deep Soulful insights around our desires.

At 1:45am on Saturday morning, the Sun at 17:09 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto at 17:09 Capricorn.

Pluto it on his 3rd pass to 17:09 Capricorn. His first 2 passes were Mar 23 and May 26, 2015. Now with the Sun meeting him here, we will have some final clarity on what has been happening around this degree. Pluto will leave his last Retrograde Shadow on Jan 17 as he crosses over 17:29 Capricorn. But for now, the Sun will show us something of what the last year meant with this persons or entities that have challenged us. They have challenged us to find our own sovereignty again. Or to work our way out of debt to them so we can be more free of them… though not likely for that long. There will be someone playing Pluto in your life ALWAYS. But Pluto in Capricorn shows the shadow side of power. YOU could find how YOU played Pluto to someone else as the Sun meets his on Friday night, early Saturday.

At 8:07am Venus at 4:29 Pisces Opposes the North Node at 4:29 Virgo.

This puts Venus on the South Node, or the ‘letting go’ side of the Soulful lessons the Nodes of Fate have been bringing us through as they Transit the Virgo/Pisces axis. If you ask me, I think this is one of the worst placements of the Nodes of Fate in Transit as they cause us to really have to consider how our conscious routines (Virgo) are tied to our subconscious ideas/fears/hidden motives (Pisces). The Nodes show where the Eclipses are over the same time frame and the Eclipses across Virgo/Pisces has had many of us playing ‘musical chairs’ with our jobs. So many have changed their work environments over the last 18+ months. And we are coming up on the last Eclipse along this axis on Feb 26 with a Solar Eclipse at 8:12 Pisces.

There have been several contributing factors to making this Transit of the Nodes of Fate across the Virgo/Pisces axis the worst: 1) in 2016 we also have 3 Saturn Squares to Neptune bringing up Karmic Returns and Karmic issues; 2) these Squares between Saturn and Neptune Squared the Nodes of Fate, Neptune sat on the South Node; and 3) Chiron was directly involved in several of the Eclipses making for less than optimal results!

So, yes, as 2017 begins, we are leaving behind a 2016 that challenged many of us to create a daily routine that ‘felt good.’ It didn’t seem possible for many of you. The Squares of Saturn to Neptune Square the Nodes of Fate had the tense energy pouring into Gemini, a Sign known for depression. Saturn already was restricting our optimism and it sure didn’t help to have more difficult aspects challenging our mental states šŸ˜‰

But this aspect on Saturday morning is a minor one. It will show us some subconscious desires we may be letting go of. As the Personal Planets Transit through Pisces each year, we dissolve some of their energies from the previous yearly/cycle and bring new ones up to the surface. You may have a sense of the desires you are letting go of and why today.

It may be a way to grow beyond the challenges of 2016.

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