Awareness, NOT Positivity

On New Year’s Day I was at a gathering of locals to ‘Toast Our Town’ and its expansion. They allowed a newcomer to get up and make a toast. Her toast was largely addressed towards me as I had encountered her the week before and told her I didn’t WANT to do a website for her new business because she was new to town and bringing outside big banking money. I would rather help the small, local-owned businesses. The bankers don’t need my assistance for the pittance that I charged the locals.

So she got up and kind of lectured us all on being ‘positive.’ A very nice catch-phrase for all the Baby-Boomers in the room (95% of those in attendance).

I consider a Baby-Boomer to be someone who has Natal Neptune in Libra. Their ‘ideal reality’ (Neptune) is for everyone to GET ALONG. They don’t care what is REALLY going on, as a good Scorpio Sun WOULD (wink, I’m a Scorpio Sun), they just want it all to look good on the surface… refinement, conformity, etc.

As she went on far longer than any other ‘toaster’ I wanted to interject that her ‘Positivity creates’ phrase should end with ‘Negativity.’ In a symmetrical Universe, 3D is where our movement from our Center into a ‘what I want/what is good’ value creates both the positive and the negative value at THE SAME TIME.

There is NO judgment for ‘good’ or ‘evil’ in 5D. It is ALL just an experience! Positive thinking stems from our 4D belief that we have FREE WILL. That we can change things around us by being Positive. If only it WERE that easy. But for every positive thought there is an equal and opposite (aka negative) thought.

So how should we really manage the energies in front of us from a 5D perspective? Well, you don’t judge it, though I did do that to her when I first met her. You simply do what your awareness tells you to. And let the chips fall where they may.

Divergent thinking is 3D and 4D. They focus on positive and negative. In 5D, you see how the 2 polarities are connected and you resolve this polarity by seeking Convergent thinking. Bring the 2 poles back together. Do what your awareness tells you. And don’t focus on the others’ responses. This is the way to RESOLVE KARMA and to move into 5D.

I still SEE 3D energies when they occur, but I FEEL the 5D response to it. And in 5D, you KNOW that physical reality is the ILLUSION and you KNOW better 😉

Stay AWARE. Stay CONVERGENT. Or enjoy the Karmic response you create if you DON’T 😉

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