Hidden Desires and Motivations-Jan3&4

Snapshot: Just after midnight as 2017 rolled in we had some subconscious motivations. But for the next 2 days, there is quiet with no aspects made between the Transiting Planets.

The week of Christmas to New Years was one of MANY aspects awakening Soul Awareness within many of us. On the heels of all of that personal revelation (Uranus in Aries), deep pain (Chiron in Pisces), accountability (Saturn) and expansive relating (Jupiter in Libra) we have been sitting in quiet for a couple of day with only Personal aspects affecting us until Tuesday.

You may recall what you did around 1:53am on New Year’s Eve. That is when Mars at 9:44 Pisces Conjunct Neptune at 9:44 Pisces. You would have acted without the least bit of forethought (typical of Mars) but also as if something else was pulling your strings. It was spontaneous.

At 2:52am on Tuesday Venus ingresses Pisces.

Now our desires come from an often hidden place. Some are more in touch with their subconscious desires and others are not. Mars in Pisces is subconscious motivation and Venus now brings another element with subconscious desires. Both men and women and our own male/female energies will be acting on their desires in ways that may upset their own goals and plans for relating and initiating.  Mars ingressed Pisces on Dec 19 so there may be some similarity in your desires today and your actions at that time.

At 2:40pm Mercury Rx at 0:32 Capricorn Sextiles Venus at 0:32 Pisces.

Here we could have a Karmic tinge to this productive aspect. Mercury is ruled by Saturn and Venus by Neptune. Mercury wants to ‘initiate structures’ and Venus is dissolving her old desires to discover new ones. Still the Sextile will help to keep things from being difficult. Mercury was last at this degree on Dec 3. See where the revision is occurring in the words you hear or speak today.

At 5:29am on Wednesday Mercury at 0:07 Capricorn Quintiles Mars at 12:07 Pisces.

Here we have some magical expression of how our subconscious motivations are showing what needs to be revised in our social status or career areas. Authorities types will be pleased with the actions you are taking and can express it to you.

Over this week we will be able to get some clarity (Sun) around what Pluto is doing in our lives where we have 17+ degrees Capricorn. Mercury will move back into Sagittarius on Wednesday and revise a few things there so they align with our new reality. Then he will Station Direct early morning on Sunday, Jan 8. Mars and Venus moving into Pisces will be diving deep into our subconscious mind and releasing some old stuff while bringing some new stuff (desires and motivations) to the surface.

As of Saturn’s Square to Chiron, which you likely will recall occurred on Dec 28, only Uranus is on 20+ degrees of his Sign. The intensity of the holiday week is going to relax a bit.

Pluto is almost ready to bust out into new territory as he leaves his Retrograde Shadow on Jan 17. Still a while yet, but he is on 17+ degrees now.


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