Adjusted & Magical Relating-Dec 31

Snapshot: Early Saturday morning we will have to adjust our relating to take into account some wounding pain. By Saturday evening, there is a bit of magic to help us ring in the New Year.

At 6:00am Jupiter at 21:05 Libra Quincunx Chiron at 21:05 Pisces.

Here we have a bit of ease around the Heartbreak Transit on Wednesday night and Jupiter’s Opposition to Uranus which hit some people with over-the-top revelations and change. While in an adjustment aspect, Jupiter is a Healing Planet and works better with Chiron than most other Planets. Still you may be challenging to adjust yourself to let go of any wounding pain with someone and move into better relating again. Much of this will be felt all of Friday night and that may be a very good thing.

For some, this has been a very tense week. For others, they were able to embrace the Soul Awareness and that revelation will be working within them for some time to come. If you can, and you CAN, let go of any old pain from guilt or shame or emotional manipulation tactics and move into the expansive tranquility provided by Jupiter in Libra.

At 9:35pm Mercury Rx at 3:09 Capricorn Quintiles Jupiter at 21:09 Libra.

Now we can actually express the Soulful adjustment we made through the last aspect. It is a very fast moving aspect, so try to catch and use it. Its more important than waiting for the ball to drop at midnight! USE this energy to HEAL any power struggles you have been in as well. Mercury was last at 3:09 Capricorn on Dec 5. His final pass to this degree will occur on Jan 17. That is when things will be in their final phase around what gets communicated tonight.

4 thoughts on “Adjusted & Magical Relating-Dec 31

  1. Hi Beth,
    Interesting once again but I am.not feeling any of this right now. My holidays have been anything but enlightening or jolly.

    I am in bed once again today. I literally can’t keep my eyes open. The fatigue and overall malaise is unbelievable. At this point I don’t know what to believe.

    Feel like I am not even here. Thanks. Jen

    1. Wow! Surreal? Like the artists who understand that the unseen can be more compelling… nothing to do but ride it out. Very soulful place you are in and out soul has to want to play to engage this reality. When I wrote my novel, Binary Fusion, I laid on the couch one day and thought I might as well ‘die’ as I had seen behind the veil of illusion that creates this reality. It took me some time to want to engage again and I suspect the feb eclipses may help you with some of that 🙂 I’ve been waiting for our reading. Name the time if you can.

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