Mixed-Up Powerful Energies-Dec28-29

Snapshot: Wednesday and Thursday bring so many powerful energies to bear that it will be challenging to follow each aspect so just give yourself over to the wave that is going to come at you and prepare to surf it like you’re a rock star!

At 10:10am on Wednesday morning, the Moon ingresses Capricorn and we can begin to feel the energies of the New Moon. We can intuit the ‘fresh start’ this New Moon will be bringing us over the next month.

At 1:47pm on Wednesday, the Sun at 7:28 Capricorn Conjuncts Mercury Rx at 7:28 Capricorn.

This aspect is called the ‘Inferior Conjunction’ of Mercury and the Sun. It happens just about 3 times each year. Their ‘Superior Conjunction’ occurs when Mercury is in Direct motion. Together, there are usually only 6 days each year when our lower, conscious mind (Mercury) is in sync with our reality and purpose (Sun).

The other days Mercury is off running ahead of our reality creating all kinds of messes that need to be straightened out during the Retrograde Phase. But beginning on Tuesday afternoon, we will be getting clear about our plans moving forward. Watch what you say or what is said to you to see what is ‘possible’ down the road.

The Inferior Conjunction is the start of a new Mercury/Sun cycle so many believe you should ‘seed’ your plans and try to make them real by the next Inferior Conjunction in roughly another 165 days. But the truth is, you need to tap into what the Sun is showing you WILL be happening as the Sun meets Mercury.

These Mercury Retrograde cycles should prove to you that you CAN’T rely on him for your plans. You need to learn to roll with the Higher Mind energies if you don’t want to be thrown back and forth by Mercury’s Karmic consequences.

As the Sun meets Mercury Rx at 7:28 Capricorn, we can expect our ideas to involve our social status, our public structures, our public reputation and the ways we use our power. Mercury was last at this degree on Dec 8 so there is likely to be a connection to what was going on at that time. But the ideas will be revised so watch for what is revised.

Pluto made his first pass to this degree in late March 2011 and he Stationed Retrograde at 7:30 Capricorn on April 9, 2011. See if there is any connection to events that occurred at that time.

At 6:06pm Mercury Rx at 7:14 Capricorn Sextiles Mars at 7:14 Pisces.

On the same degree as his meeting with the Sun, Mercury will now get to act on his ‘real ideas’ with subconscious effort to his efforts. Words that express the actions you need to take based on the clarity of the Sun with Mercury should be what you hear though these words may well be lost in the aspect that occurs just one minute later!

At 6:07pm Saturn at 21:01 Sagittarius Squares Chiron at 21:01 Pisces.

This is often called a ‘Heartbreak Transit’ when it occurs to your Natal Chiron. But as it is happening for all of us at the same time, and Saturn is still in tight orb to a Trine with Uranus and a Sextile to Jupiter, we can expect some divine revelation to see us through this energy. If someone has been emotionally manipulating you or you have been feeling guilt or shame, you should be able to see the purpose behind this intense feeling. Like Dr. Ford in HBO’s WestWorld said, “We are more real when we are suffering.” Suffering is usually Chiron and/or our Karmic Fear (Saturn). In 3D, these 2 SUCK the big one 😉 But in 5D, we need to be like Dr. Ford and observe what is happening from a position of Soul Awareness.

At 1:52am on Thursday the Moon Conjuncts the Sun at 7:59 Capricorn.

This is the New Moon in Capricorn. The next 15 days we should experience a ‘fresh start’ in the area of our lives where we have 7:59 Capricorn. Look for the House you have at this degree to see more of story. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and is Cardinal (initiating) Earth energy. In Capricorn we initiate some new structures in our lives that will support this area of our lives for the next year.

At 4:29am Uranus at 20:33 Aries STATIONS DIRECT!!

This is my favorite Astrological event ALL YEAR! When Uranus Stations Direct, we begin to have forward-looking revelations rather than backward-looking. On his Station you can expect to receive a download of revelation and flashes that light up the road ahead for the next 6 months or so. If you need to get a grip on what has been happening since last July, this Station will reveal all of that to you. You don’t even have to be looking for it… Uranus will shoot right through your lower mind and inject you with god-like revelation 😉

With the hard Saturn Square to Chiron separating, we will feel a new brave approach to things!


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