Soulful Christmas to New Year – Pt2 Dec26-

As I write on Monday morning (Dec 26), Jupiter is exacting his Opposition to Uranus. It exacts at 1:35pm with both Planets at 20:34 of their respective Signs (Libra and Aries). There is a clash of consciousness that is so freeing, liberating and gracious at the same time, if we can manage it. If you are getting a headache, relax and become aware of letting Uranus’ flashes of insight come straight into your crown chakra (ruled by Aries).

But the fun isn’t over yet! Yesterday I had an amazing dinner with some friends I met while a waitres this summer. The ladies and their guys are all very close friends and they include me! They’re awesome! The last time I went to a party with them, I started doing some Astrology Readings for them and we continued the next afternoon. BUT, yesterday was REALLY off the charts! 3 of the couples’ mothers were there and one father and a brother as well. But doing a Reading for an 80 year-old mom set the aspects rolling. We were talking about ALL the Soul Awareness stuff I write about on here without ANY resistance. They were soaking it up! And they want MORE! I had to leave early and know they would be having some unexpected (Uranus) conversations (Libra) of a very Soulful nature.

I trust you had some similar opportunities. So do let me know 😉 But the rest of this week is going to KEEP the Soul Awareness pouring in so DO go for it and SPEAK UP!

At 11:19pm on Monday night, Mercury Rx at 9:38 Capricorn Sextiles Neptune at 9:38 Pisces.

Over the next 2+ days Mercury will be moving in to aspect some of the players we haven’t heard from yet. This Sextile to Neptune is helpful to us as it allows us to get a handle on any subconscious issues so we can better create the outcome we want. Our words will be coming from a deep place of knowing and it can help us to stay on track with the new desires we are working on.

At 3:07am on Tuesday morning, the Sun at 6:00 Capricorn Sextiles Mars at 6:00 Pisces.

Here we have some clarity around our subconscious motivations and situations where ‘men’ are popping up in our lives that we know buy may not have seen for a while. They are likely to appear in our dreams as well. The Sun is showing us something around the way we and they use our power and strength. Look for the clarity.

At 10:49am Mercury Rx at 8:59 Capricorn Quintiles Chiron at 20:59 Pisces.

Here words from us or towards will magically heal some of the subconscious, hidden pain we have been feeling over the last week and even longer! Chiron in Pisces creates shame, guilt and emotional manipulation in 3D and we can wallow in it. But the 5D energy from this Soulful point into our lower mind, Mercury, can really elevate our thoughts. We can see the purpose behind what we have been experiencing. Those with key points at 18-23 Sagittarius or Gemini have been going through things like someone not talking to us as a way to emotionally manipulate us. This aspect will break through any pain and help us see what has been going on.

At 11:09pm on Tuesday night Mercury Rx at 8:18 Capricorn Semi-Squares Venus at 23:18  Aquarius.

Here there could be some words regarding our changed desires that irritate us. We don’t really need to react to them as we are moving on our new desires regardless. Its possible that with Mercury still in orb to Chiron that any irritation will be transformed into something healing.

Wednesday through New Year’s Eve will keep the pressure on to move into Soul Awareness. There is the Inferior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury on Wednesday, Saturn’s Square to Chiron (‘Heartbreak Transit’ though there is healing available so not as intense and very Soulful in 5D) on Wednesday night. A few hours past midnight on Thursday we have the New Moon in Capricorn and Uranus Stations Direct a few hours later! I love Uranus Direct Stations as the awareness just pours in!

We also have some magic sprinkled in and on New Year’s Eve morning has Jupiter Quincunx Chiron and New Year’s Day we have Mars Conjunct Neptune! A big breakthrough kind of week.

More tomorrow to prepare you for the next part of the Holiday’s Soulful Magic!



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