Wait for it… Saturn Trine Uranus!

At 7:21pm (EST) Saturn at 21:01 Sagittarius Trines Uranus at 21:01 Aries.

If you have your printed sheet of Christmas aspects (see below: YOU are the A.I. of your Soul, Part 1) you know tonight will be significant. Tonight there is an ease around changing y status quo. You may find your are changing your personal philosophies or ‘spiritual’ beliefs as you move into Soul Awareness.

You definitely want more personal freedom! And as those crazy, shocking, bizarre and or unexpected ideas pop into your head you are ready to act on them or put new philosophical structures in place to support those ideas. These ideas are revelations, they are inventive as only Uranus can deliver. Don’t let ease lull you into complacency. You need to act now to begin to be the change you wish to see.

The rest of this holiday week will begin to move all the details into place: people, places, things and words.

This is the time to stay aware!! Use the Trine to move the energy from 3D ease to 5D magic 😉

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