Magic Takes Us into Mercury Rx-Dec18&19

Snapshot: Sunday provides magical subconscious clarity that is the best place to focus as Mercury stalls to Station Retrograde and our lower/vanity mind is not stable. Monday morning brings some minor irritation from our plans to our subconscious motivation.

At 6:17pm the Sun at 27:29 Sagittarius Quintile Neptune at 9:29 Pisces.

It doesn’t get much better than this aspect between our purpose and goals and our subconscious mind. The Sun is the strongest luminary that allows us to peer into the murky, deep waters of Neptune. In a 5D, magical aspect, we can expect to see how things far more clearly. The Sun in Sagittarius is operating under the benevolence of Jupiter’s energies taking our clarity into higher altitudes. Depending on which Houses you have 27+ Sagittarius and 9+ Pisces will determine any characters involved in what you see and more about the area of our life that you will see more clearly.

About 4:15am on Monday morning, Mars ingresses Pisces.

For the next 6 weeks (til Jan 28) Mars’ motivations will be steeped in the subconscious realm of Pisces. Our actions will come from a vast place that we may not understand unless we pay attention to what we start to do.

At 5:57am Mercury Stations Retrograde at 15:08 Capricorn.

We will now be retracing some plans and communications and contracts we have been working on over the last 3 weeks. Don’t be rocked by the changes, just go where the energy goes and see how our lower mind can get twisted around itself. Stay in your Higher Minds to get you through this time.

Mercury will retrace his steps from 15:08 Capricorn back to 28:51 Sagittarius from now until Jan 8 at 4:44am when he Stations Direct again. While Retrograde, Mercury will Conjunct the Sun in their Inferior Conjunction on Dec 28 at 7:28 Capricorn. That day is one of only 6 days each year when our lower mind is in sync with real-time reality. And Mercury and the Sun start a new roughly 165-day cycle.

At 8:30am Mercury at 15:08 Capricorn Semi-Squares Mars at 0:08 Pisces.

This is Mercury’s first aspect as he Stations Retrograde and Mars’ first aspect from Pisces. As Mercury is looking behind him now, we may have a slight irritation around our lower mind trying to ‘plan’ things and our subconscious actions seeming to contradict our plans. Not a biggie, but see if you can identify this aspect.

At midnight on Monday/Tuesday, Saturn crosses into 20:00 degrees Sagittarius joining Chiron and Uranus on 20+ degrees of Pisces and Aries respectively. Saturn is applying to Square Chiron, but also Trine Uranus so the ‘Heartbreak Transit’ could really be far more about Soul Awareness instead. As Saturn is in Sagittarius, we have Jupiter energy involved. Chiron in Pisces brings in Neptune energy so for roughly the next 10 days, we will be seeped in Higher Mind and Soul Awareness (Uranus and Chiron) energy!! Get ready to SEE some THINGS in a whole, new way 😉 For better or worse… lol. That is the ONLY choice you have is how you characterize the energies! Get your MERLIN MIND on!

Jupiter isn’t far behind! He will cross to 20+ degrees of Libra at 11:10pm on Dec 21st adding more benevolence to the mix! Venus will be there over Christmas from Aquarius so there will be a very interesting mix of energies for the Holiday!


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