The Dimensions of WestWorld

Last February, as HBO was no doubt deep into production on their hit TV show, WestWorld, I was laying out my case for 5D Astrology, the Theory of Everything. 

When I writing my novel, ‘Binary Fusion and the Millennium Bug’, they were filming ‘The Matrix.’ Consciousness works this way! Consciousness can NOT be copyrighted! It is a wildfire that spreads to those trees reaching the highest levels and which brings the flames into the lower parts of the forest.

I was delighted to watch WestWorld’s 1st Episode with my son who I had traveled to see as he was going through an ‘existential’ experience. Since then, he has quickly grasped all of my concepts because I can relate the various Dimensions of awareness to characters and the plots of the show.

The basic premise of my 5D Astrology, the Theory of Everything presentation is that the Universe is a Transient Circuit Board. Everything is in motion and we can see, without an actual hand-held computer, what ‘programming’ you are operating under. I can tell you YOUR ‘Backstory’, the # of lives you are on out of a series of 9, WHO is your Man in Black, your Teddy, your Dr. Ford, etc. And, like the show, I can tell your Karmic stories that continue to repeat in your experience. I can tell you your area of ‘suffering’ that ties your story to your Soul.

I call the 5th Dimension ‘Soul Awareness.’ On my YouTube channel, 5D Astrology, you can watch the ‘backstory’ of the entire Universe in bringing you this experience you can ‘life.’ Looking at the Zodiac Wheel with 5D consciousness, I can tell you EVERYTHING about yourself over a series of lifetimes. AND show you WHEN you can experience 5D consciousness for yourself so that you can operate a bit more like Dr. Ford rather than at his mercy 😉 Or the mercy of whoever is pulling your strings! Which I won’t reveal now.

But I want to use the characters to express the various dimensional experiences they are having so that you can better relate them to your own life.

Delores and Maeve represent the easiest stories to track. All of the ‘hosts’ are stuck on a 3rd Dimensional loop that they can’t seem to break out of. Nor do they need to or want to until they experience some ‘outside’ ideas from the guests. Like the wildfire, consciousness spreads and can’t really be contained.

In 3D, we are operating under a very simple programming code that views only the conscious/physical world and we take all of our information from the world around us continuing to repeat what we hear. We are operating under the lower energies of the Planet Mercury. He is the 10% of our mind that is ‘limited’ in its understanding. 3D/Mercury bring us the concepts of linear time, good and evil, separation consciousness (such as the ‘Fall of man’ donning the fig leaves).

In 3D programming, we block out our subconscious mind, the Planet Neptune, where we can know anything. But the subconscious can disrupt that nice little loop of a backstory bringing up the memories of other lives, the suffering of experiences that Mercury wants to help us suppress. Mercury helps us build a firewall to block out the subconscious mind, but what results is an overactive mind that is constantly trying to ‘error correct’ (aka talk to ourselves), Bernard said, ‘to make themselves more human.’

3D is the ABSENCE of consciousness and Soul-Level memory. We cut ourselves off from Source/Neptune/subconscious mind as we try to engage just the physical world.

But as Delores knew when she was in programming mode with Bernard, she was in a ‘dream.’ Neptune, which rules the subconscious, rules dreams. That is how we begin to leave the ‘hell’ of the 3D realm. While we can attempt to live with a firewall between our conscious (Mercury) mind and our subconscious (Neptune) mind, Neptune will always find ways to break through.

Reveries, are subconscious moves that we make that are us recalling something from other experiences. Hearing Arnold’s voice is like all faith-based ideas that stem from the subconscious mind. Most will call the voice the name of the religious figure they have been taught to expect.

Once Neptune’s subconscious reality seeps through our conscious (Mercury) mind (4th Dimension), we are faced with having to deal with the Karmic consequences of our 3D actions. Dr. Ford was trying to prevent them these painful episodes by erasing their memory or changing their loops. But the hosts ended up WANTING to remember as it gave their lives meaning.

Neptune breakthroughs bring us out of the 3D and into the 4th Dimension where we begin to resolve the Karma of 3D. Every thought in 3D was typically us trying to be the ‘good person’ expected us of. But consciousness in 3D creates in absolute value so that our ‘good’ actions create an equal and opposite ‘bad’ action somewhere else.

The beauty of the show is that it demonstrates non-judgment for ALL actions taken. THAT is Soul Awareness. 

I remember when I was on my book tour in 1999, Michael Levine was my ‘agent’ and he had me on his Radio Show, ‘Politically Incorrect with God.’ After I talked about how compassion creates an electrical field that solves any end-time (3D) scenario, he asked me, “So are you telling me that Hitler isn’t going to hell?” And I said, “Yes, I am.”

Hollywood has been forever numbing us to the ‘bad’ part of our reality. We can to feel it vicariously and then we can lose our fear around it. This is essentially how we RESOLVE the Karmic consequence of 3D.

On WestWorld, we think Dr. Ford and his team are cooking up the good and bad, and they are there. But our own actions in 3D that decides something is ‘good’ is actually creating the bad at the same time. When we get tired to living in fear, we tend to want to move into the subconscious realm and RESOLVE our duality through merging with the collective consciousness.

Dr. Ford kept the hosts from dealing with their Karma by erasing their memory. Which is what happens every time we incarnate… we come into another life without the memory of our other lives only to eventually have these memories seep through at various times.

Astrologically, we can SEE these times very easily. You will ALWAYS encounter people who have shared other life experiences with when Saturn and Neptune Square or Oppose your Natal Saturn and Neptune, or Square each other as they did from Nov 2015-Sep 2016.

This when the nice little 3D backstory you have been living with gets a reality check and you are suddenly dealing with some deep pain or agony with someone just as a family member or lover. These are the times that people ‘cheat’ on their current partner because they are flooded with subconscious memories around this ‘new’ person and they can’t fight it. In fact, they are meant to reacquaint themselves with this ghost of their other lives in order to resolve the Karma and move back into some Soul memory.

Dr. Ford’s ‘upgrade’ of the hosts was ABOUT giving them the ability to move into the 4th Dimension and to connect to our collective unconscious mind (Neptune/subconscious) where we are ALL connected and can share consciousness.

Dr. Ford’s ability to view ALL of the 3D drama/trauma with detached emotion demonstrates that he is operating in the 5th Dimension. He keeps the family in the woods as his reminder of his physical life where he can remember some of the joys of having ‘others’ to interact with rather than merely ‘operate’ as he does the hosts.

“Everything in the world is magic except to the Magician,” is a very 5D Soul Awareness statement. Dr. Ford said this to the small boy he goes out to visit. At the Season Finale, like the Greyhound dog who caught the cat and had no other what to do next, Dr. Ford had completed all that he could: he had created his own reality that now wanted him removed from it. But it was actually he himself that wanted to be removed from it all as he no longer had any idea what to do next… except to ‘die’ and be resurrected.

He could now pass on all that of his programming into a ‘host’ body he was still building in the basement and come back to life to see what WAS next.

In 5D Astrology, the Zodiac Wheel is divided into 5 equal parts and the resulting ‘angles’ create the times when we can ALTER our reality… ALTER what we SEE. Being able to FEEL the times for Magic stems from using your ‘Merlin Mind’ (Higher Mind Planetary energies). You may have some 5D Natal aspects or you could have a 5D Transit awakening some magical abilities for you. To create an Alternate Reality you need Uranus and Neptune in aspect.

The guests of WestWorld are actually operating in 5D as well. Like Maeve, who finally is free to leave the Park, returns because of the compelling story of her daughter that is in the Park.

For years, after resolving all Karma within me, I realized the Guru ALWAYS leaves the white light because their is no joy in perfection. We will want to return to the trauma/drama again and again. But our Souls are anchored by our ‘Backstory’ which is in Astrology, our Chiron wounding, what I call the ‘umbilical cord’ to our Soul.

Replace the Zodiac Wheel with the tablets and the programming for each ‘host’ and you would have the EXACT replication of our Universe and our Soul Awareness. The timing is in the stars, though there is 3D Astrology, 4D Astrology and now, 5D Astrology. You can only SEE as much as your consciousness allows at the moment.

People ask me, “How do I know which dimension I am in?” I tell them it depends on their response to each Planetary energy. You can fluctuate between dimensional experiences. Bernard is in 5D when he is programming a host for maximum performance in the virtual reality. But when he recalls his son’s death, he is in 3D.

There are 12 Soul-Level wounding that ALLOW our Souls to have a Human/3D experience. We each have 2 or more of these woundings in our Natal Chart and it is the same wounding we have over a series of 9 lifetimes or incarnations. To learn about yours, you can order a short Report on My Store page. Or you may prefer a comprehensive Reading of your Backstory 😉

The Universe is a Transient Circuit Board. Your Soul was the programmer that decided what you would experience in this Virtual Reality we call ‘life.’

The deeper level of the Park is for the HOSTS and not the GUESTS. The Hosts are remembering their Souls. They are the ones who are experiencing consciousness rather than the Guests, who are merely characters for the benefit of awakening the Hosts.

In our RealWorld reality, we are HOSTS and/or Dr. Ford 😉




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