3-Way Soulful Service – Dec 8

Snapshot: Thursday morning offers quite a bit of magical, Soulful insight via a 3-way aspect.

At 4:19am Mercury at 7:07 Capricorn Trines the North Node at 7:07 Virgo.

Here we could have some Soulful words to express our sense of work and use of authority. We should be able to verbalize to those in authority something about our new work philosophy and ways of serving without martyrdom. Mercury will review these words again and then revise them over the course of his Retrograde cycle so pay attention to what is expressed towards you or from you.

At 8:50am Venus at 1:07 Aquarius Biquintiles the North Node at 7:07 Virgo.

The North Node is still hovering at the exact same degree and minute as the aspect above making this a 3-way aspect affecting our entire morning. This double-magic aspect involves Venus bringing up changed or unexpected desires that will magically align with our Soul’s approach to working and doing. We will see how to fit our new desires into our everyday life and routine. This can also bring up philanthropic desires to share what we have with others in order to serve and ourselves. Venus is ready to put her skin in the game to assist others, to serve them, to do her duty or to externalize what her revelatory mind is suggesting.

Mercury may initiate Venus’s changed desires by expressing what is needed or what foundations could be laid with some help from the collective (Aquarius) and our own resources (Venus).

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