Saturn Novile Neptune-Dec6-15

Since Nov 26, 2015 through Sep 10, 2016 Saturn’s Squares to Neptune wreaked a lot of havoc on our structures and relationships.

Most anyone you were involved with through this time were your Karmic partners of other lives as well. If you have been watching West World and you saw Bernard remembering his dying son as the ‘backstory’ that gave his life the suffering he needed in order to be a good ‘host,’ then you have a sense of how these Karmic stories work in your ‘life’ as well.

Your Avatar is having an experience. When Saturn and Neptune are in Square, you were having a 3D/Karmic experience. If you had other helpful aspects going on, it looked like all was working out perfectly for you. But many of those stories have bitten the dust recently as Neptune Stationed Direct and began making the final pass to the degrees of his Squares with Saturn. Neptune Direct peels back the delusion of the 3D facade.

But now we have Saturn making a Novile to Neptune over the next week. A Novile is considered a Soul aspect as it is the result of dividing the Zodiac Wheel into 9 equal parts with 9 being a Soulful number, where things ‘end’ and have their new beginning.

How will this affect the final pass of Neptune to these same degrees? Well, its very possible that we will be able to see through the charade of 3D reality and encounter some Soul memory.

There is so much I would like to say about the TV show West World, but writing it just feels like too much effort. Consciousness is just there. I wrote about all of my insights  (5D Astrology IS the Theory of Everything) last February as they would have been filming this TV show. There are things that I don’t really align with as far as some of the basic premises of the characters and the roles they play, but most of it brilliantly depicts our TRUE reality!! That it IS an ILLUSION!

I like the use of the ‘corporate backers’ as those are the characters associated with Saturn, which rules Capricorn and governments, banks and corporate authorities. The imaging and dreams of Delores and the shifting scenes without a linear timeline are ALL Neptune. Arnold was the ultimate Neptune, god-head kind of mind that was still ‘programmed’ and over-written by Dr. Ford.

Yes, computer programming is a perfect way to demonstrate how the aspects of our lives plays out as it is REALLY via the Planetary energies which ARE the Transient Circuit we call the Universe.

Now over the last 18 months, I was seeing 5D aspects as ones where we can change some of our reality… not sure how we will rewrite our own code or really more like STEER OUR STARS, but it is there.

While in 3D Saturn and Neptune seem like immutable laws that can be overcome, as we move in consciousness (circles, of course… like the pathway maze Arnold drew, which IS seen in the Zodiac Wheel), we realize there are ways, portals or openings to work with the outcomes. Not FREE WILL as our old 3D mind liked to believe, but CONSCIOUS WILL.

Dr. Ford can do it because he is detached emotionally from the outcomes that result from his desire to experience various scenarios.

The Novile is an aspect of completing and testing. It can show our capability to express Soulful understanding. Is it ANY wonder that this show’s Season Finale occurred as Saturn began applying to a Novile to Neptune?

The show is really an expression of our collective awakening of the dynamics of our reality. Though, as I have often said there are Zombies in our world who are merely projections of our consciousness that we created in 3D and don’t really have ‘Souls’ per se. Except for the consciousness we project as William did with Delores. What is real? Our consciousness is in ANYTHING that we put our focus on. It IS part of our Backstory.

All of the characters that brought us through Karmic aspects ARE part of our own Soul. In the end, perhaps, all of the park is just Dr. Ford’s consciousness and nothing else, really.

The idea of having a ‘separate reality’ at the park from the REAL WORLD outside it is how our Karmic scenarios play out anyway. When Saturn and Neptune entered their Karmic Squares, we had ‘stories’ pop up in our lives that took us out of the ‘other’ sequence we had going on. We were ‘forced’ to deal with this story for over a year while some of the other ‘stories’ in our lives were maybe even waiting for us once that year ended.

Saturn Novile Neptune could help us to SEE how these 2 powerful Planets shape our realities. Saturn initiates structures and control. Neptune dissolves those structures and escapes the control. In the flux of these 2 is the human reality of ‘life.’ What is real? What is tangible? What is hidden? What is real?

That is for YOU to decide. That is a consciousness issue. And now a Soulful issue.


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