Power-Play Day – Dec 7

Snapshot: A rather minor day all around on Wednesday. Maybe some strong words and then some clarity around the way we use/misuse our power.

At 6:30am Mercury at 6:01 Capricorn Semi-Squares Mars at 21:01 Aquarius.

Here there is some tension that gets expressed. We want our freedom of movement, but we also may be hearing from someone in a position of authority. Mercury is in his Shadow, Phase 1 of his Retrograde cycle. He will Retrograde at 15:07 Capricorn on Dec 19. What gets said today will be reviewed on Dec 30 and revised on Jan 20.

At 10:00am Venus ingresses Aquarius.

Now we could see our desires CHANGE. We could find we have unexpected desires. Our social network could attractive our attention and bring us some beautiful revelations. We can find that the unusual is what we are drawn to.

At 2:51pm the Sun at 16:09 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 16:09 Capricorn.

Here we have clarity around some of our own use of power or others misuse of power. We are ALL Pluto in someone else’s life. So don’t think you are lilly white and above reproach. It doesn’t matter what you ARE doing, the other person will SEE it, HEAR it, FEEL it with the energy of Pluto behind you. Pluto is in my 3rd House by Sun Sign. Some people think I am yelling at them when I hear myself speak in a normal voice. That’s how Pluto rolls… no one can avoid his energy when he aspects another Planet or Point. The Sun in Sagittarius is sitting very near the degree and minute of Saturn’s last Retrograde Station back last Mar 25. There may be some clarity that comes in around what Saturn had you focusing on back then. Saturn rules Capricorn so there is a double-dose of Saturn’s accountability, authority and power at play here.

The Sun is applying to Conjunct Saturn over the next few days and is already in orb of that Conjunction. If you have been looking for some recognition for a job-well-done, this could be that chance. Other good things can come from this Conjunction as well.

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