Initiate a Random Act of Kindness-Dec 2-5

Snapshot: Noon on Friday brings an irritation around our subconscious desires. Saturday morning we have productive motivations for expansive awareness.

At 12:13pm on Friday Venus at 24:17 Capricorn Semi-Squares Neptune at 9:17 Pisces.

Venus and Neptune in 3D aspects can create subconscious, or uneasy, desires around attractions. This is a minor one, but if you feel a bit of ‘stay away’ energy occurring, remember that is 3D separation consciousness and shake it off. Venus in Capricorn is still a material girl, typically. The way a woman uses her power could irritate today. Or you could easily have some fear of ‘lack’ creep in or a worry of others finding out your not as ‘solvent’ as you have led them to believe. These are all 3D variations of these Planetary energies. You can feel them and let the energy roll right off of you… or laugh at yourself when you recognize this aspect.

At 7:15am on Saturday Mars at 18:02 Aquarius Sextiles Saturn at 18:02 Sagittarius.

This is some helpful energy to take our motivations and accountability into realms that are global, inclusive and freeing all at the same time. Some man (or any person) may initiate a Random Act of Kindness or philanthropic action. They make seek to initiate structures that are beneficial to the collective or groups of people as well as foreigners.

By Saturday morning Mercury will move into his Retrograde Shadow, Phase 1, as he crosses 28:52 degrees Sagittarius. He will reach his further point from the Sun on Dec 19 when he reaches 15:07 Capricorn and Stations Retrograde. He will Station Direct on Jan 8, 2017 or so. This means his Retrograde cycle will begin to start in a Fire Sign and move through the Earth Sign of Capricorn. Where you have these degrees by House placement determines the characters and objects that may be involved in the Retrograde shenanigans.

If you are familiar with following your Higher Mind Planetary energies over Mercury’s lower energies, you will know to not get wrapped up too tightly in the plans involved. Holiday travel plans can often be part of the scenario, but luckily Mercury is in Capricorn over the key travel dates limiting the chances of ‘travel’ being the area involved for the majority of us. Sagittarius, however, is a ‘travel’ Sign, long-distance travel specifically.

There are many key aspects occurring over the ‘holiday’ season and I should now have more time to discuss them further in advance 😉

There are no aspects between the Transiting Planets on Sunday or Monday. You likely have Personal Aspects going on though.



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