Expansive Relating – Dec 1

Snapshot: Very early Thursday we have some Soulful desires get adjusted. By late evening we will have a easy and magical 3-way aspect around relating and unexpected motivations.

At 2:39am Venus at 22:39 Capricorn Ses-Squares the North Node at 7:39 Virgo.

Here we need to make a soulful adjustment around our service or work and our social status desires. Its funny that today I saw a title of a post on a ‘spiritual’ blog group that read, ‘Fuck work: It is not the solution, but the problem.’ That pretty much sums up much of what the North Node in Virgo has been bringing out about the Baby-Boomer’s dying ideal of a ‘good work ethic.’ Venus in Capricorn can be a material girl who wants the social status of her own power or those of her ‘man.’ But in adjustment-brings-an-ease aspect, Venus might be checking herself to see if she really desires power and prestige or if all that work it takes to get there just messes with her overall sense of ‘beauty.’ Is service a good thing? Can it be too much? Does power make one more attractive? Or is the need to control really a fear of lack? These are some of the core issues you could be grappling with as you determine what you truly desire.

At 5:30am Chiron at 20:40 degrees Pisces Stations Direct.

See if you can sense a shift in any area where you have been experiencing emotional manipulation, shame, guilt, hidden agendas or other deep pain that can’t easily be pinpointed. Once Direct, Chiron will make the last pass to 20:40 to 25:15 Pisces. This final pass is the ‘healing’ one. If you feel any pain, you will find it easier to see why you might want to be grateful for it. It IS the seed of the human fallibility you chose to have an experience around. What has been ‘lost’ as part of this Transit can be regained in ways you will be amazed by. Not big showy things, but shifts in consciousness towards healing. Let the pain dissolve as Chiron moves forward. Move on. Let the old energies dissolve. Move into forgiveness and letting go energies.

At 10:46pm the Mars at 17:01 Aquarius Trines Jupiter at 17:01 Libra.

This is a very nice aspect that creates an ease around unexpected (Aquarius) motivations (Mars) that creates an expansive (Jupiter) ease (Trine) in our relating-ships. Or a man seeking his own freedom or acts of philanthropy is bringing balance to his situation and someone else’s. Aquarius/Uranus energy and Jupiter energy is a very elevated and revelatory sense of goodwill. Mars is acting on these lofty ideals in refined and graceful ways.

At 11:16pm Mercury at 29:01 Sagittarius Quintiles Jupiter at 17:01 Jupiter.

Here we will have the words to express what, who, where, why and how our motivations helped us to magically expand our ability to relate. Jupiter rules Mercury in Sagittarius and we can be more chatty than usual, more philosophical than usual and even wax poetic with this magical aspect. It is likely that our actions from the above Trine will be verbalized at nearly the same time.


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