Magical Subconscious Expression & Clarity-Nov 30

Snapshot: Wednesday is motivationally productive and very clarifying subconsciously as well as offering magical subconscious expression.

At 12:15pm Mars at 15:56 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 15:56 Capricorn.

Mars is in Mutual Reception with Uranus so we have plenty of drive for personal freedom. In a minor productive aspect to Pluto, we can at least expect some authorities to get out of our way or even lend a hand. We will act on our awareness and use it to initiate structures around shared resources and intimacy.

Wednesday evening holds a 3-way aspect around our real-time sense of reality and our ideas and plans.

At 5:19pm Mercury at 27:16 Sagittarius Quintiles Neptune at 9:16 Pisces.

Here we have Mercury bathed in 2 Higher Mind energies: Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Neptune. We can expect to have some magical words that can heal and can create a new perspective to any old subconscious issues… such as even erasing any trauma associated with them. Pay attention to what gets said as 5D energies can be subtle and overlooked if not in awareness.

At 8:17pm the Sun at 9:16 Sagittarius Squares Neptune at 9:16 Pisces.

Here is the rub. The Sun will be bringing up clarity around things that occurred over the last year as Saturn Squared Neptune within orb of the Sun’s Square to Neptune today. The Square can be a bit harsh, but clarity is always a good thing. The Sun can reveal some of the things Neptune kept hidden from us during the Karmic Squares of the last year. We can expect to see how our ‘old’ philosophies created some of the issues. But Mercury has already expressed the magical way to rise about the Karmic energies. Now the Sun can remind why we need to rise above it all… Sagittarius style.

In the midst of all of this, Chiron is almost stopped dead and ready to Station Direct around 5:30am on Thursday morning. One more pass ahead to anyone who has a Planet in a Square or Opposition to Chiron in Pisces. This last pass should resolve some of the pain from the previous passes.

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