A Stuffed-Turkey Week-Nov22-25

Snapshot: On Tuesday through Thursday we will be experiencing some possible restrictions or challenges to authority. But by Thursday night, there will be some healing to move us forward.

There were some big aspects on Monday which I missed writing about as my computer was acting up. There were 2 Biquintiles between Mars to Uranus and Jupiter to Neptune. That brought us considerable Higher Mind and 5D energies that we are likely still processing on some levels.

Tuesday through Thursday is a bit more irritating than Monday.

At 10:57pm on Monday night the Sun at 0:16 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Jupiter at 15:16 Libra.

The Sun just ingressed Sagittarius midday on Monday and is now ruled by Jupiter so the Semi-Square is less irritating. Jupiter doesn’t really irritate very well anyway. But the point is to see what you need to see as Jupiter wants us to create a new relating-ship philosophy as he Transits through Libra. You may be able to relate to elders, foreigners and other higher conscious folks today with the help of some clarity.

At 9:22am on Tuesday the Sun at 0:43 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Pluto at 15:53 Capricorn.

Here we have some clarity around our optimism and philosophy that seems to rub someone in authority the wrong way. I know EXACTLY what this aspect will bring for me as the Sun is still tightly Conjunct my Natal Sun. Can you see what is coming for you?

At 1:19pm Mercury at 15:23 Sagittarius Sextiles Jupiter at 15:23 Libra.

Here we have a productive aspect around communication and relating. When the Sun brought some clarity, Mercury can give you the words necessary to make any irritation get smoothed over.

At 6:48pm Mercury at 15:44 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 15:44 Capricorn.

Here we can express our philosophical ideas to those in authority more easily. Depending on which House you have these Planets in will determine WHO you are talking to.

At 1:43pm on Wednesday Mercury at 16:54 Sagittarius Conjuncts Saturn at 16:54 Sagittarius.

Here we will finally have some words that seem to express ALL of the last year’s energies of what Saturn has been holding us accountable to. Pay careful attention to what gets said over these few days as Mercury and Saturn start a new cycle. Saturn sat at 16+ degrees last March and early April turning Retrograde at 16:24. We will be hearing about this timeframe again as Mercury applies to Saturn early Wednesday morning. But once Conjunct to Saturn, we are actually entering into some new territory with Saturn. So the Karmic Squares of last year will be behind us.

At 6:00pm on Thursday night (Thanksgiving), Jupiter at 15:47 Libra Squares Pluto at 15:47 Capricorn.

Typically not the best aspect for Thanksgiving Dinner unless you can use Jupiter’s optimistic energy to your advantage. Here you can use your ability to relate to better deal with someone who may be misusing their authority over you. Or you could negotiate some better terms in your financial dealings with a benefactor. The key here is transparency and integrity to better deal with authority. People misuse authority out of fear. Squares bring out fear… Squares are Karmic and Fear is Karmic. Use Jupiter’s optimism, along with Libra’s negotiating and diplomatic skills, to assuage someone who is fearful. Even if they are afraid their investment in you could sour, express your gratitude for their assistance to you on a day when we SHOULD be thankful 😉

The next aspect will also be helpful in creating any healing that needs to take place between you and your Pluto entity/entities.

At 6:50am on Friday morning Venus at 15:47 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto at 15:47 Capricorn.

And a new cycle of intimate desires begins! There will likely be plenty of money spent on Black Friday as we MERGE our money with their money and enjoy the social status that can result.

At 8:45am Venus at 15:53 Capricorn Squares Jupiter at 15:53 Libra.

Though a Square, we have 2 Healing Planets working together. Venus rules Jupiter in Libra. So there is lots of relating that is going on and optimism as well. There is some fear that could arise, but a healing touch can be right behind it. Work together to work through any fear in your relating-ships.


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