3D Mind in the T-Square-Nov 18

Snapshot: On Friday we will feel squeezed from various angles that will result in an ability to recognize ‘duality’. But the day wraps up with magical awareness and healing by Saturday morning.

A tight 3-way aspect dominates Friday morning as Mercury Squares the Nodes of Fate and Neptune, still in orb from their Opposition on Thursday.

At 9:58am on Friday Mercury at 9:11 Sagittarius Squares the North Node at 9:11 Virgo.

At 11:04am Mercury at 9:15 Sagittarius Squares Neptune Rx at 9:15 Pisces.

The North Node is still in very tight orb with the Opposition to Neptune and Mercury is in a T-Square of energy between the North Node and Neptune. Mercury in Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and he is better able to see the ‘big picture’ and understand the nature of the duality his 3D thinking creates. In a Square to the North Node, Mercury has to consider some Soulful understanding and from Neptune he must absorb his connection to the subconscious mind where we are all connected.

Neptune is still on the EXACT degree and minute of his Opposition to the North Node and Conjunction to the South Node. Whatever words get spoken, they will be profound! They are coming from a depth that Mercury isn’t that fond of and from the heights of perspective that Jupiter can bring. Add to that the Soulfulness of the Nodes of Fate and we should pay close attention to all that we express or is expressed towards us. Have we successfully absorbed the lessons of the North Node in Virgo? Does it align with our omniscient mind?

It may be very simple what gets said, but the simplicity of it will be very deep.

At 10:09pm the Sun at 27:13 Scorpio Biquintiles Uranus Rx at 21:13 Aries.

Here we have some double-magic 5D clarifying awareness coming in. It will be about your intimate situations (both sexual and/or financial). You will SEE how to act with INTEGRITY while also keeping your personal freedom intact. You may find that you take unexpected actions that result in new ways of being intimate. With this aspect you will just SHAKE things up, change them and find that it magically creates greater intimacy.

The magic continues through Saturday morning, but Venus owns all day on Saturday as she meets the North Node and Neptune from productive and easy aspects.

And over the weekend, Jupiter will move to exact a Biquintile to Neptune which can create some very magical relating that seems so easy, effortless and from an eternal source.


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