Clarifying and Detoxifying Weekend-Nov11-13

Snapshot: As Friday night gets into full swing we have some magical clarity around our pursuit of unusual sexual or financial opportunities. By mid-afternoon on Saturday, the clarity shifts into subconscious ease. But by dinnertime, words could irritate a bit. Sunday is Soulful and clarifying with a possible expression of your desires by evening.

At 6:21pm on Friday night the Sun at 20:00 Scorpio Quintiles Mars at 2:00 Aquarius.

Mars rules Scorpio (along with Pluto which shows the source of Scorpionic intensity) so we have some passion for sure. The magical/5D aspect means this can go down very well. In 3D, Scorpio and Aquarian energies are Karmic, or Square to each other. But this magical aspect gives us an entirely new take on the result of merging these 2 Signs. What is unusual (Aquarian) is magically acceptable as a financial or physical pursuit. We can take our motivations to a new level that we might not have considered otherwise. Our motivations can CHANGE with Mars in Aquarius and the Sun can show us how this change will affect our intimate partners. Did you think they wouldn’t be open to your fetishes or your unusual requests? Well you really could be surprised with this aspect!

Overnight, both Mercury and Venus dip into the next 2 Signs: Sagittarius and Capricorn respectively.

At 2:05pm on Saturday the Sun at 20:50 Scorpio Trines Chiron Rx at 20:50 Pisces.

This is a very easy aspect that allows us to subconsciously accept the unusual actions we saw on Friday night. We may find this is exactly what we were meant to do 😉 You can easily set new goals and find gratitude for the ways our ‘wounding’ in some areas has made us who we are and developed our sense of sharing of resources and ourselves.

At 5:08 Mercury at 0:29 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Pluto at 15:29 Capricorn.

Here we feel a bit of irritation around something having to do with authority and our usual optimistic approach to life. It will be expressed in some way that you need irritating. Just make a mental note of it and try to ignore Pluto’s misuse of authority and Mercury’s lower nature to take the bait and argue it out.

At 3:38am on Sunday morning the Sun at 21:24 Scorpio Quincunx Uranus Rx at 21:24 Aries.

Here we have to make an adjustment to our new clarity around intimacy issues to our pursuit for personal freedom. Adjust your goals to the clarity you receive.

At 3:50pm the Sun at 21:55 Scorpio Quintiles the North Node at 9:55 Virgo.

As the Sun is meeting the North Node on the same degree of Uranus, the clarity you receive is going to be very 5D and bring you Soulful Awareness. But you need to know how to sense clarity. The North Node in Virgo is teaching Soul-Level lessons and Virgo rules hygiene. As I was starting to write about the weekend, I was getting some ideas around a ‘Detox’. And that is EXACTLY the type of physical (Virgo) action we would take with the Sun in Scorpio which rules the bowels and Virgo rules digestion! Get rid of the ‘toxins’ and become ‘clear’ again 😉 But Virgo rules all areas of health issues and the Sun is our goals and purpose. Get clear about what the energies are helping you to see to do.

At 7:43pm Mercury at 2:11 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Venus at 2:11 Capricorn.

This is a minor aspect, but a fun new one with both Planets just entering new Signs. Our communication can be optimistic or exaggerated with Mercury in Sagittarius. Our attraction and desires are now turned to public areas centered around men/fathers and authority. So what gets said could make lots of sense, or very little 😉

By Sunday evening the energy of the Full Moon will be building, but there is a bit of magic as well between Mars and the North Node.

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