Saturn/Pluto Cycle – Nov 10

Snapshot: Thursday afternoon offers some higher consciousness look at authority, ie. authority figures, our own authority and any misuse of authority. By dinnertime we should hear some expressions that magically surprise us and that offers solutions to intimate situations.

At 2:39pm Saturn at 15:26 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 15:26 Capricorn.

This is a minor aspect, but one of the last aspects Saturn will make to Pluto before they end their current cycle on Jan 12, 2020. Their current cycle began on Nov 8, 1982 at 27:36 Libra. The aspect on Thursday brings these 2 Planets together with Saturn near the degrees where Pluto sat during their Opposition…. you will likely recall that timeframe very well… their 1st of 3 Oppositions occurred on Aug 5, 2001 (build up to 9/11). Pluto in Sagittarius was ‘transformation’ stemming from foreign things or global issues. Saturn in Gemini was about Karmic Fear in the local communities.

Now we have, at their Semi-Sextile, Saturn where Pluto sat. Saturn initiates structures and rules public authority. Saturn rules Capricorn, where Pluto is Transiting. Pluto in Capricorn brings out the shadow side of circles of power. Saturn in Sagittarius can, in 3D, bring up Karmic Fear around global ideas and thinking. Saturn rules structures and boundaries. Where Saturn was recently Square to Neptune and dissolving some boundaries with foreign places, Saturn is trying to rebuild what the Opposition to Pluto destroyed.

Interesting time to see Donald Trump win the ‘Presidency.’ Pluto in Capricorn, the Sign of the ‘Father’, would make it very likely that a ‘man’ would win over the ‘woman’, Hillary Clinton. But Trump’s stance to rebuild America/ rebuild the homeland (Capricorn is Opposite Cancer the Sign of the ‘mother’ and ‘land’) by making the government and military (Virgo, Trine to Capricorn) stronger.

This aspect now is bringing up some variations of their overall cycle. As they were Conjunct in Libra, Pluto was ‘transforming’ Saturn’s structures around relationships, marriages, diplomacy and contractual agreements like treaties. Just suffice to say that though they are in a minor aspect on Thursday, it is of global, governmental significance as they near the end of their current cycle.

At 6:30pm Mercury at 27:29 Sagittarius Biquintiles Uranus Rx at 21:29 Aries.

A double-magic aspect bringing awareness around philanthropy and sharing of resources or intimacy and personal freedom. Whatever you say or hear will likely be magically surprising and allow you to elevate your thoughts into the 5D realm. It is always a helpful thing when Mercury is overridden by a Higher Mind and the revelation is able to come through without resistance.

At 6:48am on Friday morning, Mercury at 28:16 Scorpio Semi-Squares Jupiter at 13:16 Libra.

Our expressions here between our intimate situations and relationships/relating-ships may be a bit irritating. But Jupiter is another Higher Mind Planet and this allows us to see things from a higher vantage point. Jupiter is expanding our ability to relate so that can certainly help Mercury to express intimate ideas more easily even if it irritates a bit. Mercury is a 3D energy of separation consciousness. Jupiter is an Opposite energy of inclusion. This can allow Mercury to achieve ways to express intimate ideas with the highest Scorpio vibration of integrity. If that is the case, any irritation is of no consequence 😉



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