Soulful Awareness – Nov4-7

Snapshot: Over Friday and Saturday, we can feel a bit of pain, but also apply healing awareness via touch or some form of gifting. Sunday and Monday brings similar energies through our expressions and intimate connections.

At 12:39pm on Friday Venus at 21:00 Sagittarius Squares Chiron Rx at 21:00 Pisces.

Here there may be some wounding around lack or beauty or resources or some woman who wounds you in some way. But Venus is a Healing Planet so you can catch yourself and use a healing touch to deal with this energy. Depending on the House where you have 21 Sagittarius will show WHO is likely to ‘wound’ you. For example, if it is your 6th House of work, it could be a co-worker or roommate. Or if the 10th House it would be an authority or older man/father. If the 3rd House it could be a sibling or neighbor.

At 2:23am on Saturday, Venus at 21:41 Sagittarius Trines Uranus Rx at 21:41 Aries.

Here we have the awareness around how to rise above the earlier pain. We have find that some unusual person or situation shows us new ways of dealing with any pain we feel around lack. Or we could have a short-term love-at-first-sight type of situation that helps us to recover from any pain. It can also be some Soul Awareness that helps us keep it all in perspective. When we can stay in 5D, the pain of Chiron is greatly diminished and could be non-existent, but that takes some work to get there.

At 2:01pm on Sunday, Mercury at 20:57 Scorpio Trines Chiron Rx at 20:57 Pisces.

Here Mercury makes an easy aspect to Chiron so that the words we use on Sunday can move us towards greater intimacy.

At 7:15pm on Sunday the Sun at 15:01 Scorpio Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 15:01 Sagittarius.

Here our goals for intimacy work productively with our accountability to higher consciousness. We can get clear about intimate situations and establish new goals that we can keep.

At 12:11am just after midnight on Monday Mercury at 21:37 Scorpio Quincunx Uranus Rx at 21:37 Aries.

An adjustment is needed here between our intimate communications and finding our personal path to freedom. How do we balance both ends? We need to adjust the intimate end as Uranus will not be denied the freedom that he seeks for us each. As Mercury Trined Chiron, we may have been able to Soulfully see how to be intimate without needing to be possessive. That will help us make the adjustment necessary to maintain our freedom while also having integrity and honesty with those we are physically intimate with or those whose resources we use for our own purposes.

These 4 aspects with Mercury and Venus to Chiron and Uranus can be a great way to learn to more accurately FEEL these Planetary bodies’ energies. So pay attention to the subtle differences.




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