Psyche Conjunct the North Node-Nov3-6

Snapshot: Through the weekend, you may be having some very deep Soulful reflections around your work environment. But on Thursday, its a mixed-bag of minor aspects that will keep things moving along.

At 12:58am just after midnight Thursday, Mars at 25:36 Capricorn Ses-Squares the North Node at 10:36 Capricorn.

Here our motivations to put some structures in place will need to make an adjustment to our sense of service in order for there to be an ease that results. Or the way we initiate our authority may need an adjustment in order to better serve others in the workplace. This may have occurred at work on Wednesday or will early Thursday morning.

At 1:10am Mercury at 15:17 Scorpio Sextiles Pluto at 15:17 Capricorn.

Here our intimate expressions will work productively with those who want to ‘control’ the intimacy. Or those who have some say over the way you use their resources will be able to express their intentions to you in a productive way. Or a bit of role-playing in the bedroom can create some productive reduction of the mis-use of authority your intimate partner might have been employing lately.

At 1:54pm the Sun at 11:45 Scorpio Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 11:45 Libra.

Here we may have a bit of clarity that assists us in seeing the bigger picture in our relating and our intimate situations.

But going on behind the scenes over the next few days is Transiting Psyche (the Soul Mind) applying to Conjunct the North Node at 10:14 Virgo.

Here there is a deep look at ALL that we do to fill our days. We will be reviewing how we approach our ‘jobs’ and our roommates and other living situations. It may not register that you are doing this, but it is going on in a deep way. I knew this aspect was applying but as I was considering whether to stay in my job or not… North Node is separating from my North Node in Virgo, I was looking again to see where this was coming from.

See if you can detect this energy in your life and see what you can glean from the Soul-Mind (a 5D point) Conjunct the Transiting North Node.


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