Soulful Clarity – Nov 2

Snapshot: Around noon on Wednesday, we should have some clarity to set some goals around our daily activities and shared resources. Followed by some expression of our focus on the big picture.

At 12:33pm the Sun at 10:42 Scorpio Sextiles the North Node at 10:42 Virgo.

Here we have some clarity around our service/routine/work and our shared resources or intimate situations. The highest vibration of Scorpio is integrity and honesty. Scorpios want to MERGE and the best way to do that is through openness and transparency. Virgo, as the Accountant in 3D, needs to keep a Soulful perspective that focuses on serving in the highest way of doing it for the experience and not the martyrdom of it.

Finally out of orb of the Square to Saturn, but applying to Oppose Neptune, the Nodes of Fate will be wanting us to focus on SEEING what is in our subconscious by the DOING of Virgo. Here the Sun can show us how to apply this Soulful perspective to our intimate dealings. Its a minor aspect, but if it touches something significant in your Natal Chart, it took feel much bigger to you 😉

At 2:29pm Mercury 14:34 Scorpio Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 14:34 Sagittarius.

With any luck, you will find some ways to work through Karmic issues brought up over the last year. Or here you could find that any Karmic fears you have around ‘taxes, debts or loans’ are released by some words you hear from an authority. Or you could apply your philosophical views to dealing with authorities about money you owe.

Its not a major day, or week. For that you may be relieved… or bored, as I am! I enjoy the bigger aspects that challenge us or the magical ones that bring us beautiful things 😉 Still each little aspect is like a breadcrumb to the awareness needed to navigate the more profound aspects when they arrive.

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