Subconscious, Intimate Ease-Nov 1

Snapshot: On the heels of the magical motivation and expression early Tuesday morning, there will be an amazing ease between our goals for intimacy and our subconscious mind. But there may be some irritation with authorities regarding our actions by the time we roll out of bed.

At 4:17am the Sun at 9:20 Scorpio Trines Neptune Rx at 9:20 Pisces.

Here we will be able to see clearly what Neptune has been dissolving over the last year as the Sun shines light into the subconscious mind. It also means that we can see what has been tripping us up from time to time regarding our intimate situations. We can release some old fears once we see them.

But the beauty of these aspects from the Sun to Neptune is in getting a glimpse into the shroud of fog around the area of our lives where we have 9+ Pisces in our charts. You may have Chiron Transiting the same House so there is quite a bit of energy here that is hard to put your finger on. In 3D, Neptune confuses us and we get lost in his depths. But in 5D, Neptune is the mind that we follow rather than the seeing mind of Mercury. So when the Sun makes a Trine to Neptune, it is a very helpful energy in many ways.

You may see more clearly what someone was saying when Mercury Trine Neptune on Sunday. Clarity is always helpful to keeping us on the path to achieving some ‘goal’ that we feel.

At 7:23am Mars at 24:20 Capricorn Semi-Squares Neptune Rx at 9:20 Pisces.

Meeting on the same degree and minute to Neptune as the Sun did just a few hours before means this aspect could play out almost simultaneously. If that is the case, it will likely go down like this for those in the Western Hemisphere:

The alarm goes off and you jump prepared to get out of bed, but then you remember the dream you were having and you don’t want to wake up just yet. In fact, you want to return to that dream place where you felt such peace.

In the Eastern Hemisphere, you may simply find that an action you take disrupts the ease you were feeling just a few hours ago. Its not a big aspect so don’t make too much of it. Mars may want to act on the intimate situation that felt so easy, but finds that he irritates someone a bit instead.

For a bit more perspective of what the Planets are doing today, the last time Neptune was at this degree and minute was on Feb 24 or 25. Neptune in Rx mode tends to show us something that was hidden from us on his first pass to these degrees. Has something become a bit clearer on Tuesday?

The Sun was Opposite Neptune on Sep 1st, at the Solar Eclipse. Does the clarity today have any relationship to that powerful Eclipse? Who were dreaming or day-dreaming about at that time?



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