Soulful, Higher Mind Expression – Oct 31

Snapshot: All of Sunday and Monday are colored by a 3-way aspect bringing us expressions of Soulful and expansive relating and service.

At 9:36am on Monday Jupiter at 11:06 Libra Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 11:06 Virgo.

While this is a minor aspect, this also puts Jupiter in a Quincunx to the South Node in Pisces. The lessons of the North Node in Virgo is to externalize through ‘busy-ness’ that serves or works that shows what is in our subconscious mind to do. Rather than the martyrdom often created by Virgo in a 3D energy, we have been looking Soulfully as ways we express service to others and ways that we work. Jupiter left Virgo a few months ago helping us to wrap up a new philosophy around our work/service/duty, etc. But often times Jupiter just expanded the stuff we were doing created too much work… again 3D energy.

Saturn Transiting Square to the Nodes of Fate created stress from doing the old 3D version of Virgo. So it has been an intense year of Virgo ‘lessons.’ But Jupiter has moved on to helping us learn to find more internal balance as a way to improve our ‘relating-ships’ with others.

And a year ago, the North Node left Libra for Virgo changing up positions with Jupiter. The overall result should be less ‘work’ and better relating to assist us with more balanced ‘serving.’ More diplomacy to go with our more objective approach to work and service.

In fact, this aspect may be very hard to detect except for the involvement with Mercury who will help us to express what is going on here.

At 10:37am Mercury at 11:05 Scorpio Sextiles the North Node at 11:05 Virgo.

Here Mercury is going to express how our Soulful service is assisting our intimate situations. While in 3D Virgo is the ‘accountant’ who keeps track of Scorpionic business dealings (debts, loans, taxes, with the Soulful North Node there, we can shift into a different perspective of not needing to keep track of these mundane things. Though Mercury rules Virgo and the 3D mind, he can see a bit higher here in a productive aspect to the Nodes of Fate… he IS Trine the South Node which is helping him to ‘let go’ of the anal processes of 3D Virgo energy.

At 10:54am Mercury at 11:07 Scorpio Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 11:07 Libra.

Here we can relate our new ideas to those we have some contractual obligations to. We can diplomatically assist our ‘partners’ to see how to be less anal about our investments or resources we use share with others. Jupiter, as a Higher Mind Planet, can help Mercury to raise his understanding to be more balanced and refined with his intimate plans.

Watch what gets expressed to you or from you during this timeframe and see how it reflects Soulful serving and global relating around sharing of resources or intimate relating-ships.

The rest of the day should continue to bring about helpful communication as Mercury moves into a 5D, magical aspect to Mars.

At 3:20am on Tuesday, Mercury at 12:13 Scorpio Quintiles Mars at 24:13 Capricorn.

Here Mercury will find it easy to work with men in authority positions to get their agreement with his new business dealing approach. Or our motivations could help us to find magical ways of expressing ourselves to our intimate partners or benefactors.


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