Magical Intimate Expression – Oct 26

Snapshot: On Wednesday morning, we will have a more expansive view of our desires that can take away some of the Karmic sting of yesterday. Mid-afternoon will bring some expression around the clarity we felt on Tuesday night with someone in authority who we have intimate dealings with.

At 11:19am Venus at 10:05 Sagittarius Sextiles Jupiter at 10:05 Libra.

Here Jupiter is ruling Venus in Sagittarius and Venus is ruling Jupiter in Libra. These 2 Planets are in ‘Mutual Reception.’ Their combined energies kind of balance each other out and the aspect determines how things play out. The Sextile is a minor, though productive, aspect. So our philosophies around our own resources/desires(Venus in Sagittarius) is working productively with our philosophy around relating to others (Jupiter in Libra). It should offset some of the sting from yesterday as Venus entered the energy of the T-Square of the Saturn/Neptune Squares as Saturn Squared the Nodes of Fate.

At 2:15pm Mercury at 3:09 Scorpio Quintiles Pluto at 15:09 Capricorn.

Here we will have the expression of the clarity we received on Tuesday night. Mercury is nearing his Conjunction to the Sun which exacts at 12:16pm on Thursday. The next 24 hours will provide us some of the most realistic communication and ideas that can be had. As Thursday is one of 6 days each year where are conscious mind (Mercury) is in sync with real-time/reality (Sun). As Mercury is in tight orb at the time he makes this 5D aspect to Pluto, we can expect to have some 5D ideas come through in our communication that could play a part in the rest of the Sun/Mercury cycle which begins again at the Inferior Conjunction when Mercury is Retrograde. As Mercury is Direct, this Conjunction with the Sun is called the ‘Superior Conjunction’ and marks the halfway point of their current cycle.

But this magical aspect from the Sign of Scorpio, which Pluto co-rules with Mars, is very helpful indeed in showing us the reality of our intimate dealings. Watch what gets expressed near this time on Wednesday!!

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