Conscious Clarity & Soulful, Karmic Square-Oct 27

Snapshot: Few days will provide so much personal insight as Thursday will. Noon will bring us clarifying communications and ideas about our intimate connections with other/s. But by dinnertime, our desires will be Soulfully and Karmicly squeezed like a vice. The evening could bring a bit of reprieve around our motivations.

At 12:16pm the Sun at 4:40 Scorpio Conjuncts Mercury at 4:40 Scorpio.

One of roughly 6 days all year when our thoughts and ideas align with our goals and real-time/reality. We can set plans that are attainable if we can avoid the trap of Mercury as he speeds ahead of the Sun losing touch with reality. But all day, and especially around noontime, all of the expressions towards us or from us will reflect what IS the reality or what our sense of what ‘truth’ is. It will be something to do with intimacy and shared resources, it could be taxes. This reminds me that all day today I have been getting spammed with emails from some lawyer providing assistance to anyone who is behind on taxes. Not my reality, but it IS part of this Conjunction. Mercury is the 3D mind and while in Scorpio he is going to be thinking about, or worrying about, all of the 3D fears associated with Scorpio energies: child support, alimony, taxes, inheritance, debts, loans and other areas of physical intimacy and sharing. Honesty will take this vibration out of 3D and into something more Soulful.

At 5:28pm Venus at 11:36 Sagittarius Squares the North Node at 11:36 Virgo and the South Node at 11:36 Pisces (the Nodes of Fate… Soulful points bringing Soul-Level lessons).

This is Venus, which rules our desires and personal resources, in a Square with the Nodes of Fate. AND Venus is in the degrees of the Saturn/Neptune Karmic Squares of the last year so she is activating some of those same issues and bringing up Karmic desires which need to be viewed through a Soulful filter (Nodes of Fate). On Tuesday night, Venus exacted her Square to Neptune and she is applying to Conjunct Saturn on Saturday night. This entire week has been infused the energy of Venus sitting between 9-14 degrees of Sagittarius within orb of the Nodes of Fate and the 2 Karmic Planets, Saturn and Neptune.

You may recall the last Saturn/Neptune Square on Sep 10th and Venus will likely be activating some of the same story again this week. The focus is on how it is affecting our personal resources, our relationships, our values, our beauty and women in our lives. As Venus is in Sagittarius, it can be spiritual women (4D) or foreign women. Or merely our values for the global welfare and abundance.

The T-Square of Venus Square the Nodes of Fate pours the energy into Gemini. There is likely to be 2 women involved in the story before you. Or 2 siblings or 2 of the types of people where you have 11+ Gemini by House in your Natal Chart. OR it may challenge ALL of your higher consciousness values when you manifest some DUALITY here that is created by the Karmic Square?Conjunction with Neptune/Saturn. If you see 2 of anything that feels like you have an ‘evil twin’ out there… take the Soulful Lesson of the Nodes of Fate and don’t buy into the physical reality, but stay in the truth of your Soul.

At 10:50pm Mars at 21:12 Capricorn Sextiles Chiron Rx at 21:12 Pisces.

Here we have some reprieve as Chiron, another Soulful point, makes a productive aspect to our motivations. Mars in Capricorn is busy initiating actions to put some structures in place. Which area of your life that is getting ‘built’ is shown by the House where you have 21+ Capricorn in your Natal Chart. But Capricorn is concerned with career, public status and authority. Mars is fire and applied to Capricorn’s Cardinal Earth, we can find a ‘bulldozer’ in our lives or be the one bulldozing some ground somewhere. This aspect from Chiron means that our bulldozing will be productive and supported subconsciously.

A big day with 4 Personal Planets aspecting Soulful and Karmic Planets. Get what you can out of it starting with clear communication and ending with Soulful dealing between male and female energies.


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