3D Karma and 5D Magic – Oct 25

Snapshot: All of Tuesday there will be some Karmic desires manifesting, but also a bit of magical intimate clarity.

At 9:54pm Venus at 9:25 Sagittarius Squares Neptune Rx at 9:25 Pisces.

These 2 Planets create subconscious (Neptune) desires (Venus). But the degree of aspect determines which dimensional response you will SEE manifest. Your reaction to what you SEE manifest in the way of DESIRES, determines your dimensional awareness. The Square is a strong 3D energy of duality and/or fear. If you don’t want to find your lover ‘cheating ‘ on you or find they used your resources without your knowing, then feel the energy building and let it flow through it.

Venus is in Sagittarius so this is more helpful placement than some others Signs because Jupiter, a Higher Mind Planet, rules Sagittarius. But Venus is in the Karmic Square degrees of Saturn’s 3 Squares to Neptune since last Nov 26 through Sep 10. So now we will see how our desires are as they pass over this Square energy. If you see someone else supplant you in your desires for love, love them because they are your reflection in 3D… nothing more. You are looking at your own duality being played out.

In old 3D energy, these 2 Planets would create an STD that was physical proof of your Karmic fear around your desires. In 3D, our ‘desires’ were so taboo (Venus rules Taurus Opposite to Scorpio/taboo energy). So if you come through without THAT happening, at least that’s something. STDs are not real anymore than linear time is… because no Planet orbits in a straight line. But you can manifest it in order to see that you have suppressed subconscious fears that you need to release.

Over the next few days, Venus will Sextile Jupiter (productive and helpful), then Square the Nodes of Fate (the health part of your delayed fears, if you have them) and Conjunct Saturn. There is plenty of Karma to be viewed through your desire energies (Venus). Its not really Karma if you don’t react to it in a 3D way.

At 11:32pm the Sun at 3:09 Scorpio Quintiles Pluto at 15:09 Capricorn.

This building 5D aspect is going to save us all from the heaviness of the 3D aspect above. Here we will have clarity around our intimacy with those who are some sort of authority. We may see why they have wanted to control some of our sharing and be able to deal with them more effectively, or magically.

Mercury is at 2:08 Scorpio and applying to the Sun so the clarity may come before the words as Mercury will Quintile Pluto at 2:15pm on Wednesday…. about 24 hours before Mercury and the Sun Conjunct at 4:40 Scorpio on Thursday.

This is a pretty big week with the Sun and Mercury so close together, Venus Conjunct Saturn and in the T-Square energy with the Nodes of Fate and a New Moon in Scorpio on Sunday. Oh, and Mars will Square Uranus on Saturday so keep your heads down!!


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