Sun Ingresses Scorpio – Oct 23&24

Snapshot: From Saturday night to late Sunday night, we will be feeling a cocktail of energies. Focus on merging ourselves or our resources with other. Then some magical, soulful expressions, possible excessive drinking, a Karmic expression and some changed desires.

About 8:00pm on Saturday night the Sun ingresses Scorpio and our goals and purpose change from clarity in our relating to clarity around our intimate dealings. Honesty is the highest form of intimacy and the Sun will provide us clarity on how we are doing in this department. Our purpose over the next 30 days is to get clear on our integrity. This requires transparency with those we are intimate with or whose resources we are using.

At 2:58am early Sunday morning, Mercury at 27:21 Biquintiles Chiron Rx at 21:21 Pisces.

Here we have some magical, Soulful words to help us relate to our partners and close friends. We can be very diplomatic and refined in the ways we are expressing ourselves. Words can express some Soulful, subconscious healing that elevates us into 5D.

At 9:33am Jupiter at 9:27 Libra Quincunx Neptune Rx at 9:27 Pisces.

Here we may have some trouble adjusting our ‘drinking’ so that it doesn’t overwhelm our consciousness. Or we will find ways to stay conscious in spite of the consumption. Not an easy any energy for anyone who already has these 2 Planets in a 3D aspect in their Natal Charts. It is best to use your higher consciousness to avoid more than you should. Or your expanded sense of relating may need to make an adjustment to some something buried in your subconscious. As this is still a 3D aspect, it is certainly best to keep your Higher Minds engaged in a 5D way by KNOWING there may be an issue for you or others.

At 8:31pm on Sunday night, Mercury at 28:35 Libra Semi-Squares Saturn at 13:35 Sagittarius.

You may slip in your expressions here and revert to an irritating 3D exchange. Or you could catch yourself in time with Saturn’s assistance. Be mindful not to undo all the magic that occurred last night.

At 12:56am on Monday morning, Venus at 7:09 Sagittarius Ses-Squares Uranus Rx at 22:09 Aries.

Here we have a chance to CHANGE (Uranus) our DESIRES (Venus) which will create an ease (Ses-Square) between our global philosophy (Sagittarius) and our own path (Aries) to freedom (Uranus). Venus in Sagittarius can be very optimistic about her resources and may want to share them for the greater good, but she may realize that by applying those resources to her own path to freedom, she may be creating the greatest good. Venus may desire to set an example for others by ‘giving’ (Uranus rules philanthropy) her resources away so that she has more freedom to live the way she desires. Or should could find that a foreign adventure might just be the path she needs to find more freedom. Or it may be as benign as realizing an unusual desire and deciding to indulge herself in Italian Ice rather than Gelato 😉

Over the next 2 days, Venus will approach a 3D Square with Neptune. So hold onto your hearts and don’t buy into the ‘Karmic’ duality that you may see manifest. Just let the energy move through you like a movie scene.

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