Changed Desires – Oct16&17

Snapshot: Our desires get irritated Sunday afternoon, but by evening there is magical awareness of our CHANGED DESIRES! Subconscious adjustment is required on Monday morning.

At 2:51pm on Sunday afternoon, Venus at 28:11 Scorpio Semi-Squares Mars at 13:11 Capricorn.

Here there is a slight irritation between the sexes or between our own male/female energies. We want to merge and touch someone else (Venus in Scorpio), but Mars is not ready to get along that easily so we may feel thwarted in our intimacy. It is a rather fleeting aspect so don’t buy into any 3D side of it.

At 8:10pm Venus at 28:27 Scorpio Biquintiles Uranus Retrograde at 22:27 Aries.

Here we will have some magically CHANGED DESIRES that will seem to make merging so easy. Or we can accept the unconventional person into intimacy with us. Or we will pursue our own passion unexpectedly with someone from our social network. Venus and Uranus can really create some UNUSUAL DESIRES, but with the magical aspect, we will not even blink an eye at the purchase of some strange bauble or the acquisition of an intimate partner or finding our own sexual fetish to satisfy us for the time being.

These 2 Planets can also create UNEXPECTED RESOURCES. With Venus in Scorpio, those resources could be coming to your via someone you are intimate with, in business with, or from your social network. Or you could just as easily find yourself ‘gifting’ someone with resources to pursue their own path to freedom as they found by the Full Moonlight last night.

If you wanted to share your resources with someone as a result of the Full Moon, Mars fight have offered a bit of resistance to it. But with the double-magic aspect with Uranus, Venus will be feeling very philanthropic and ready to give of herself or her own resources.

UNEXPECTED BEAUTY, unexpected abundance and may other things can come through the CHANGED DESIRES these 2 can spark. It is likely going to line things up very nicely for you as you move towards the CHANGED FEELINGS and EMOTIONS you felt at the Full Moon Conjunct Uranus. Now you have the beauty, the resources or the touch to move towards your new feelings and desires.

And so the day ends and we wake up Monday morning with some subconscious clarity.

At 8:07am the Sun at 24:33 Libra Ses-Squares Neptune Retrograde at 9:33 Pisces.

The Ses-Square requires an adjustment that creates an ease. The Full Moon showed you something about your goals (Sun) for relating (Libra) and how you feel (Moon) about your path to personal freedom (Uranus in Aries). Now the Sun is going to illuminate something in your subconscious mind that you need the clarity in order to adjust/shift something there. Neptune is where your old fears are hidden, but you can’t see them until the Sun shines the lights into Neptune’s fog. With the clarity you receive, probably even through a dream (Neptune), you can make a subconscious adjustment (aka lose the fear/resolve the karma by acknowledging it was your fear) that will create a subconscious ease to your new relating-ship goals.

Over the next 2 weeks, watch as your CHANGED FEELINGS from the Full Moon shift things in the relationship/relating-ship area of your life and see how you find more personal freedom at the same time.

Over the next 3 days, Mars will be in orb to his Conjunction with Pluto. Take care to not get too heavy-handed with others and to control your own temper. Abusers will be strongly motivated. Check yourself!


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