Magical, Soulful Recollection-Oct7&8

Snapshot: On Thursday, you will be feeling only Personal Transits/Aspects as the Transiting Planets won’t be exacting any aspects. Most of them ARE in orb to aspects that are applying to or separating from. Through the night on Oct 7, our thoughts and ideas will turn from work to relating. And Friday morning brings some magical expressions. But mid-afternoon will bring us some clarity around our relating to someone who is misusing their authority over us. And Saturday, pay attention to thoughts and feelings from other lives! There is a pattern here. And to be sure you GET the information, there is some double-magic subconscious clarity to support you!

Around 5:00am on Friday, Mercury ingresses Libra and our planning and scheduling mind leaves the busy world of Virgo for the tranquility of Libra. We will want to relate more!

At 5:26am Mercury at 0:06 Libra Quintiles Saturn at 12:06 Sagittarius.

Here we can expect to wake to some magical expressions that help us move out of any of the Karmic leftover feelings from Saturn’s Squares to Neptune as they are both finally out of a tight orb. Still within a 3 degree orb for the next few days, but things are getting worked through. Rather than talking non-stop about work, but we more easily plan to put some thought into relating-ships.

At 3:33pm on Friday afternoon, the Sun at 14:57 Libra Squares Pluto at 14:57 Capricorn.

This is some clarity on how to change our relating-ships goals to better manage Pluto in Capricorn’s misuse of authority. The Pluto entity (father-authority type) may not be the one you are relating to, but he is trying to throw his weight around about your relationships and the Sun will help you get clear on what Pluto’s beef is. This is the Closing Square of the Sun to Pluto’s annual cycle.

There may be some continuing story that became prominent when these 2 Planets were last Conjunct on Jan 5, 2016 at 15:14 Capricorn. They made their Opening Square on Apr 6 at 17:27 Aries/Capricorn. Their Opposition was on Jul 7. If the same character is part of this Square as on these other dates, too, then think back to the ‘ease’ you had with them in May and Sep as the Sun Trined Pluto. Have you learned to better manage to ignore those who want to control or manipulate you?

At 1:05am on Saturday morning Saturn at 12:11 Sagittarius Squares the North Node (and South Node at 12:11 Pisces) at 12:11 Virgo.

You will be feeling this strongly all day on Friday after Mercury makes his magical Quintile to Saturn. The Quintile is 5D energy which can open a portal to other life memories, images and such. You may need to listen to what your Soul is telling you in order to let this energy through. Its deep, but so cleansing, too. With this Soulful insight, you can see how this series of life experiences are connected to bring you some facet of the human condition. As Saturn and Neptune are still in orb, with Neptune Conjunct the South Node, there is some connection to the Karmic Squares of the last year and the people that we in your life for those Squares.

Dig deep, don’t shrug off those nudges to look more closely.

At 10:02am the Sun at 15:43 Libra Biquintiles Neptune at 9:43 Pisces.

It doesn’t get any better than this to wrap-up these Karmic Squares of this year with some subconscious Karmic Resolution. Here the Sun will SHOW you what has been going on subconsciously to bring about these difficult situations since Nov 2015. And there is also some magical tranquility that you can experience as you sit with the other-life infusions that occur from Saturn Square the Nodes. You can magically bring yourself into tranquility and balance as well as to bring that same person back into a 5D relating-ship if you want to.


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