Mental Hygiene Day – Oct 3&4

Snapshot: On Monday afternoon our desires for intimacy and sharing resources will get a Soulful check. Then the next 24 hours will be some productive clarity around our relating-ships and Karmic fear (3D) OR higher consciousness accountability (5D).

At 4:18pm on Monday Venus at 12:28 Scorpio Sextiles the North Node at 12:28 Virgo.

Here we will feel some Soulful tugs that want us to approach our intimate (Scorpio) relating (Venus) from a Soul perspective. How do we ‘serve’ our intimate partners? How do we relate without trying to possess? How do we balance service and giving? And don’t forget Scorpio demands integrity and honesty.

At 12:59pm on Tuesday the Sun at 11:53 Libra Sextiles Saturn at 11:53 Sagittarius.

Here we will have clarity around how our relating to others fits the big picture of us all as one big global family. Or we will be how we need to create a new philosophy that will help us to keep our relating-ships from being too closed off from others.

These 2 aspects are important to keep in mind as Saturn is within orb of his Square to the Transiting Nodes of Fate.

Saturn Square the Nodes of Fate (in Virgo and Pisces) can bring up past-life (really OTHER lives) Tmemories, if you recognize where these ideas are coming from and don’t reject them. Allow the information in and you will be looking at your Karmic condition over a series of lifetimes and will better understand your Karma and its resolution as well.

Over the last few days, I have had the Nodes of Fate Square my Natal Psyche (Soul Mind). It has been an intense 48 hours! The South Node Transiting in Pisces is in my 5th House of children by Sun Sign. And my Psyche in Gemini understands Gemini’s propensity for depression when the chips are down. I haven’t usually suffered much of this myself, but can feel the energies that many have been feeling with the T-Square of Saturn and the Nodes of Fate which pours the energy into Gemini and depression.

Saturn Transiting in Sagittarius can cause that by itself as he restricts the optimism of Sagittarius. This can bring out Gemini ‘negativity’ as Gemini/Sagittarius IS the axis of the Optimist (higher consciousness) and Pessimist (Gemini’s duality/Karma).

But Saturn Square to the Nodes takes it to another level!! So watch for how you are processing what is going on and do your best to see your Karmic condition through the Soul’s perspective.

It just so happens that Saturn will Square the Nodes of Fate CONJUNCT my Natal North and South Nodes! My North Node is at 11:58 Virgo so I am already feeling this energy as well as them all in aspect to my Psyche at 12:42 Gemini. It hasn’t been much fun 😉

But I’m sure there is some further nuggets of Soul-Level memory that will sink in and reveal the necessity of this energy.

In fact, I am writing to you today as I took the afternoon off from my day-job because it was unnecessarily stressful (Saturn) for the moment. And my ‘mentor’ (Sagittarius) was encouraging me to do so. I told him I want to add value, but I don’t want so much Opposition from one guy (Saturn Opposite my Psyche).

Really… I didn’t sleep much last night (Gemini rules sleep issues and Virgo can contribute). Feeling much better as I sit in the sunlight writing to you all! Mental Hygiene Day is DEFINITELY necessary when you have Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius and Pisces creating a Grand Mutable, Soulful Cross in your life!!

5 thoughts on “Mental Hygiene Day – Oct 3&4

  1. Thank you Beth. I am praying for you to be Blessed in all areas of your life. I have met and am dating a Holistic Healer who is exceptional in her field with many disciplines and talents.

    1. Oh, I’m fine… But thx for the thoughts 🙂 there IS such a thing as sucky energy! This transit is every 29.5 yrs. glad u r relating so successfully!

  2. Thank you Beth for the clarity. Was having a hard time processing the last week or so. Extreme fatigue and crying. Also had been on prednisone but that’s another story not worth bothering with. As hopefully it’s over.

    Hope you are having a fantastic fall. Jen

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