Ease, Adjustment & Revelation-Oct1&2

Snapshot: Early Saturday morning we have an ease between our intimate desires and our subconscious. Its a pretty good opportunity to get to know someone, however we still have some lingering Karmic stuff in orb as well. Saturday night will bring some hurtful expressions around our work, health/fitness or service/duty to others. This is our goals for relating-ships have to adjust to our subconscious mind by Sunday morning.

At 1:13pm on Saturday Venus at 9:52 Scorpio Trines Neptune Retrograde at 9:52 Pisces.

This is the ease around the intimacy we have with someone or some others. Or it can be to share our own resources with someone else. Either way, the subconscious ease of this aspect can allow there to be some flow and easy times merging financially or physically.

You have had a dream about merging with someone and wake up to find that things are going better than you imagined.

At 11:22pm on Saturday night, Mercury at 22:10 Virgo Opposes Chiron Retrograde at 22:10 Pisces.

Here some words towards you or from you may bring up some wounding energy. Try to recognize it and let it move through you. Remember, the wounding pain is your choice if you choose Mercury’s Karmic, Separation-Consciousness stance. The words are going to have something to do with Virgo energies that rule: work, workplace, fitness, health, daily tasks, roommates, accounting, military service, servers, service to others, first responders, volunteers, etc.

At 11:11am on Sunday the Sun at 9:51 Libra Quincunx Neptune Retrograde at 9:51 Pisces.

In some ways, there may be some 3-way aspect going on here with Venus, Neptune and the Sun. The Sun in Libra is ruled by Venus so that energy is brought in to the mix anyway. But if you start to make ‘plans’, in the Libra sense of relationships, for your future with this person you are merging with both physically and financially, then your subconscious is going to remind you to not hold on too tightly. Once you make this adjustment, there will be an ease that allows you to set realistic steps ahead in your relating-ships.

At 2:19pm on Sunday, Mercury at 23:01 Virgo Quincunx Uranus Retrograde at 23:01 Aries.

There will be some unexpected expressions that reaches your ears or eyes (text, email, etc). If you went into some Karmic areas as Mercury Opposed Chiron last night, then now is your chance to get the revelation about moving out of the Karma and into a way of ‘being’ that accepts the consciousness/Planetary energies you are in. Mercury is still behind the Sun and that is a more helpful place for him at this time. But Uranian flashes of insight can force Mercury out of his Karmic stance and help him to more towards 5D consciousness. Again, it is work/health/fitness related expressions that require an adjustment to keep us on our personal path to freedom at the same time.


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