New Moon in Libra & Relating-Sep29-30

Snapshot: Thursday morning requires some adjusted financial or intimate desires in order to move out of any subconscious pain. Then through Friday night, there is quiet as our intuition begins to show us our motivations for relating, higher consciousness around relating and, finally, we get some clarity on how we feel about relating as the New Moon in Libra exacts.

Here a healing touch may be just what is needed to move beyond any subconscious wounding that is causing you pain. An adjustment is what is called for in order to move into some ease in financial sharing or intimate sharing. If one of you is reluctant to ‘merge’ your resources or yourselves, take a slower approach and assure them through a loving touch.

At 3:52am on Friday morning, the Moon ingresses Libra and begins to Square Mars and Conjunct Jupiter around noon before Conjuncting the Sun at 8:12pm, creating the New Moon in Libra. With the Moon and Sun Conjunct, our emotional life and our ego purpose merge to help us create a new cycle of relating.

With Jupiter now in Libra, there is quite a bit of emphasis this month on figuring out how to relate to friends and partners. We will be looking at how reciprocal and balanced our relating-ships are. As well as how beneficial it is to have few expectations, but to live for the magical moments that make it all worthwhile.

The Saturn/Neptune Squares since last Nov have created some distaste for sharing the mundane realities of 3D partnerships. Do we REALLY need to spend every waking moment with our partners mapping out the physical logistics of the physical world? Or would our lives be richer if we mapped out times to TRULY RELATE while managing the daily details on our own? 3D life can be a real drag on good RELATING. It comes FULL of expectations and constant ‘worry’ of where and what our partners are doing.

Can we learn to have fewer expectations and to be fully present when we ARE together? Is this something Jupiter in Libra may be bringing up for us over the next year?

The Sun was Conjunct Jupiter late Sunday night and the Moon will Conjunct Jupiter around midday on Friday. See if you can get a sense of what is in store for us  over the next year. And, of course, over the next month.

Did you notice a shift in your motivations on Tuesday morning? Did there seem to be more resistance to your actions and the way you asserted yourself? This was Mars ingressing Capricorn. Mars is ‘go’ energy and Saturn, which rules Capricorn, is ‘slow or stop’ energy. Mars can be quite unhappy in Capricorn as he is forced, by authorities typically, to slow down and pay some respect first. It only lasts 6 weeks, so plan to channel your energies appropriately.


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