Fall Equinox and Mercury Direct-Sep22&23

Snapshot:  We are now in the Fall Season in the Northern Hemisphere. Shortly after midnight on Friday, Mercury Stations Direct. We have continued ease of communication with those in authority or that we share ourselves or our resources with. And the remainder of Friday has our philosophical motivations working magic with our subconscious.

At 10:30am on Thursday, the Sun ingressed Libra creating the Fall Equinox. Libra is one of the 4 Cardinal (initiating energy) Signs of the Zodiac. Each Cardinal Sign ‘initiates’ a season: Aries/Spring, Cancer/Summer, Libra/Fall and Capricorn/Winter. For roughly the next 30 days, we will be seeing more clearly energies associated with relationships/5D relating-ships and our close friends… basically our physical ‘mirrors.’

At 1:31am on Friday, Mercury Stations Direct at 14:50 Virgo.

Now our thoughts around work, health, scheduling and service will begin to stabilize for anyone who relies on their conscious mind solely. For the rest of us, we are not really carried into the double-minded of Mercury, especially in Retrograde. But we can anticipate seeing the revisions that may have been made settle into a new form.

At 4:51am Mercury at 14:56 Virgo Trines Pluto Retrograde at 14:56 Capricorn.

We will have some easy communications and negotiations with those who have some ‘authority’ over us, or feel that they should. Any investors or lenders or others whose money we use will be amenable to the new terms you may be presenting. Over the next 3 weeks, Mercury will retrace the same degrees he has already passed over 2 times. This is the final ‘say’ around the issues that may have been under revision or up in the air. These areas will have to do with Virgo energies in our lives: workplace, co-workers, bosses/managers, roommates, healthcare workers, and fitness people or the AREAS where you meet these people: workplace, home, hospitals/clinics, gyms, military, etc.

At 10:24am Mercury at 14:59 Virgo Semi-Squares Venus at 29:59 Libra.

Here some expressions may irritate us as they may not come across as fair, balanced or reciprocal as Venus in Libra would desire them to me. See what you can and move on. Let it all roll right off of you.

But the rest of Friday will be filled with Mars in Sagittarius applying to a magical aspect to Neptune in Pisces.

At 3:57am on Saturday, Mars at 28:03 Sagittarius Quintiles Neptune Retrograde at 10:03 Pisces.

It doesn’t get much better than this for a nice Friday evening with men, or our own male energy (Mars) and our subconscious. Mars is in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, one of our Higher Mind Planets and aspecting Neptune, another Higher Mind Planet and our collective unconscious/subconscious, god-head energy where we are all connected. Mars is motivation and Mars in Sagittarius is motivation to act in ways that benefit EVERYONE. The magic to Neptune means that our subconscious will be supporting us in magical ways we don’t always get to feel. So ENJOY!!

NOTE: I missed writing about a few aspects on Wednesday night and Thursday morning and I’m blaming it on 4 women who kept me chatting with them about 5D stuff. They are likely following this blog now and I should reiterate that the aspects I write about here are geometrical angles (aka aspects) between the Transiting Planets that affect ALL of us… in one similar way and yet still in a way unique to each of us. I discuss the shared energies of these daily aspects.

As we began talking on Wednesday night, Venus at 27:38 Libra was applying to a Semi-Square to the North Node at 12:38 Virgo. This aspect had the Nodes of Fate (North and South Node in Pisces) Square my Psyche (Soul-mind) in Gemini. AND each of these ladies (as represented by the Planet Venus) as each of you, have 5D aspects between their charts and mine. It was a Soulful night with lots of awareness pouring in.




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