Awareness of Desires to Relate – Sep 18

Snapshot: Venus owns the skies for the next few days as she makes the next 5 aspects from Sunday to Tuesday. Late Saturday night, early Sunday morning, we will have a shake-up around our desires showing us how we want to relate to others while keeping our personal freedom.

At 4:06am on Sunday morning, Venus at 23:34 Libra Opposes Uranus Retrograde at 23:34 Aries.

These 2 Planets can create love-at-first-sight energies so watch where you are on Saturday night! You could get struck by a bolt of Uranian awareness and find yourself desiring some relating-ship that you hadn’t expected! Or you make shake up your personal plans to suddenly spend time with someone that you can really relate to.

You could also have some flashes of insight into ways you can free yourself from a need to ‘hoard’ your resources. Or find yourself suddenly acting philanthropically with your resources. And it might feel surprisingly awesome and freeing.

Don’t expect Uranian flashes of ‘love’ to last a long time. It can be quite fleeting, but very powerful. If you feel you need to break away from the Karmic feelings of the last Saturn/Neptune Square and the Lunar Eclipse’s Soul-level pain, then tonight just might be the night… it is SATURDAY NIGHT!


You may find yourself relating all day on Sunday as well as the next aspect favors more relating.

At 7:53am on Monday morning, Venus at 24:58 Libra Sextiles Mars at 24:58 Sagittarius.

Here we have our male and female energies working productively to relate and to see ourselves as part of a bigger picture of healing between the ‘sexes’ right now.

Mars can bring more passion to the situation where Venus likes touch and Libra likes to communicate. It might be that you meet a new best friend or Mars could take it into more Scorpion regions with intimacy as well.

At 11:49am on Monday, Venus at 25:10 Libra Ses-Squares Neptune Retrograde at 10:10 Pisces.

Here we have to make some subconscious adjustment to keep the relating-ship energies going. Let go of any fears around your desires about the person you have ‘imprinted’ with over the last 30 hours and see how to keep things from going into any Karmic arena.



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  1. Thanks very timely. I am attending a Puja tonight. 17 men 17 women at a Mansion in La Jolla owned by a lady PhD. Who teaches how to relate with the opposite gender. Hope all is well with you!! Bill

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