T-Square Eclipse Style – Sep16

This Lunar Eclipse is packed with other Planetary energies affecting it.

At 3:05pm on Friday, the Moon at 24:20 Pisces Opposes the Sun at 24:20 Virgo. But the Moon will be Conjunct Chiron Retrograde in Pisces as he applies to the Sun. Mars in Sagittarius is applying to a Square to both the Sun and Moon, creating a T-Square that pours the energy into the empty corner at 22-24 Gemini.

Conjunctions are considered ‘hard’ energies as it merges both Planets’ energies. Oppositions are about contrast that can only be seen through the polarity of the 2 ends. And Squares are the ‘hardest’ of all presenting real challenges. But T-Squares are very concentrated challenges affecting 3 areas of our lives at the same time.

Over Cheboygan, MI, where I live, the Ascendant for the Eclipse chart falls at 22:34 Sagittarius Conjunct Mars at 23:17 Sagittarius. Mars is just separating from his Square to Chiron that exacted on Thursday night.

What does this all mean? Well, the individual (each of us as Mars represents) from the perspective of the ‘whole’ (Sagittarius) is being challenged (Squares) to put their higher consciousness philosophies (Sagittarius) to the test (Square) of mastering our subconscious mind/s (Pisces) in order to manifest/externalize (Virgo) what SHOULD BE. What ‘should be’ is a prescriptive thought that our Jupiter energies want to arrive at. Not ‘what do I want’? But ‘what should I want in the context of the whole of us, or our oneness?’

If we arrive at a criteria for what SHOULD BE for the benefit of everyone, then we are HEALING our Gemini/Dualistic/Karmic minds. Where the energy is pouring.

To arrive and stay in 5D, over a culmination of incarnations, we have had to take our human fallibility (Chironic wounding) and turn it into our ‘pearls of wisdom’ (Jupiter/Sagittarius/Higher Mind), our Prescriptive Thought/our Spiritual Philosophy, in order to bring ourselves out of the duality of Karma.

This Eclipse may be a huge catalyst for us all to begin to see WHY we saw ourselves as separate when the entire experience was always about oneness. In fact, there is no real difference between duality and higher consciousness from the perspective of our Souls, Chiron Conjunct the Moon in Pisces merges a very deep, soulful, intuitive KNOWING of how to move out of Karma all together.

While you may feel a bit of pain around this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, if you let it sink into you deeply, you could move into your 5D consciousness with ease and grace. The Sun Opposite Chiron asks for us to find the GRATITUDE for any pain. The rest is merely a test that will show you duality (Gemini as the nozzle) has always been an illusion (Pisces).

And so Dorothy clicks her heels together and remembers, there’s no place like home… or oneness.

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