Soulfully into the Eclipse We Go – Sep 16

Snapshot: With the Moon in Pisces, the energies of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse are building. We have some magical expression and some potential 3D pain around our motivations. Then the skies are quiet until the Eclipse exacts.

At 11:15pm on Thursday, Mercury Retrograde at 17:38 Virgo Biquintiles Uranus Retrograde at 23:38 Aries.

Here we have the hope of some ‘abracadabra’ words that will unlock some new ways of being in our lives. Anytime Mercury meets a Higher Mind Planet, the results are very beneficial. We can express what the Higher Mind Planet is telling us. Mercury is Retrograde and reviewing things so the awareness from Uranus will be VERY helpful, but the fact it is magical means that the possibilities are quite delightful to consider.

Mercury is ONE MINUTE from a Quintile to my Sun and Uranus in ONE MINUTE from a Biquintile to my Sun at 29:39 Scorpio. I promise to share any revelations with you! Virgo is my 11th House by Sun Sign so there is plenty of revelatory potential here 🙂

At 11:55pm Mars at 22:53 Sagittarius Squares Chiron Retrograde at 23:53 Pisces.

This means that Uranus and Chiron are still in a tight Semi-Sextile should should make the magic with Mercury a bit Soulful as well. But the 3D Square with Mars will challenge us all to stay POSITIVE and grateful. Sagittarius is the Sign of optimism, but a Square can really challenge that right now. Though Mars and Chiron are both in Higher Mind Signs: Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter and Pisces, ruled by Neptune, respectively).

This 4-way aspect complicates and/or alleviates (your choice) the situation on Thursday night just BEFORE the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. These are the last aspects before the Moon resets us emotionally in the area of our lives where we have 24:20 Pisces/Virgo.

Complicates means that you could evoke some 3D feelings in your actions. Alleviate means that you will use the double-magic (Biquintile) aspect between Mercury and Uranus to successfully ‘dodge any bullets’ that lurk in your subconscious mind.

Its very possible that these 2 aspects will serve to HIGHLIGHT for us WHERE we need to be reset emotionally in order to stay in our 5D/Merlin Minds… the Mind we have access to that allows us to seize the opportunities of 5D aspects and CHANGE what we see before us.

And so, with these aspects separating, we will move into the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Friday.

At 3:05pm the Moon at 24:20 Pisces Opposes the Sun at 24:20 Virgo.

The Transit of the Nodes of Fate in Pisces/Virgo shows that these Virgo/Pisces New and Full Moons are Eclipses rather than the usual monthly cycle of the Sun and Moon. This is the last of 3 Eclipses in this cycle and at the New Moon on Oct 1 we will leave the Eclipse wormhole which brings RAPID CHANGE.

It is impressive to pay attention to the time of a Lunar Eclipse and to actually FEEL the emotional reset as something/someone is ‘eclipsed’ from your life. It is not an all out disappearance, but a lessening of the emotional tug of this person or situation in your life. So we can continue forward with the FRESH START of the Solar Eclipse on Sep 1. Eclipse energies last for some time in the background noise of all things occurring. Best not to get wrapped up in anything you can’t actually FEEL each day and to stay in a rolling with the flow of energy as it occurs.

An Eclipse across the Pisces/Virgo access will challenge us all to SEE (Sun) how we FEEL (Moon) about something and to SHOW (Sun and Moon in contrast or opposition) us how our subconscious (Pisces) DETERMINES our conscious daily routines (Virgo).



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