Challenging Clarity Leads to the Lunar Eclipse

Snapshot: This week is mostly about clarity around the Virgo areas of our lives. But the aspects the Sun makes this week will be challenging rather than easy.

On the heels of the Sun’s meeting with Mercury, the Sun continues through a gauntlet of energies bringing us clarity to set the stage for the Lunar Eclipse’s emotional reset.

At 4:38pm on Tuesday, the Sun at 21:28 Virgo Squares Mars at 21:28 Sagittarius.

Our expansive motivations for big ideas is challenged by the clarity we have around our work/health/service areas. Mars often comes in the form of our man as well so there may be some challenges to your new lifestyle goals that need to incorporate a more global perspective. Or your high energy for adventure challenges your goals at work or health goals.

At 10:44am on Wednesday, Mercury Retrograde at 19:01 Virgo Semi-Sextiles Venus at 19:01 Libra.

Here are expressions work productively with our desires to relate and so things things seem to move forward.

At 4:27am on Thursday, the Sun at 22:55 Virgo Opposes Chiron Retrograde at 22:55 Pisces.

Here we need to remember gratitude in order to move out of any pain. Our Souls know perfection so we have to be thankful for the experience of ‘imperfection’ also know as the human condition. What gets externalized may lead us into some subconscious pain, and if it does, move into gratitude. Sure, Virgo energy LOVES perfection. But this is also where we work so hard trying to MAKE things perfect which is NOT what our Souls really wanted! The pleasure and pain of being a human is what we need to be grateful for. So when someone notices your imperfections today (and that someone is likely to be YOU), count your blessings (another Virgo energy is ‘accounting’ for things), and your blessings are your pains AND your pleasures, so your Soul can dance in the imperfection with a joyful heart.

At 9:51pm on Thursday, the Sun at 23:38 Virgo Quincunx Uranus at 23:38 Aries.

Within less than a degree orb, these 2 aspects (this one and the one above) can work harmoniously together if we make an adjustment via Uranus’ flashes of insight. Uranus and Chiron are great Soul-Awareness partners and so as the Sun meets them both on the same day, we may FEEL some pain, but soon will have the awareness of how to be more grateful for the insanity of humanity! This is what we incarnated for.;).. believe it or not!

There is some awareness of how our own actions (Aries) are also tied to our subconscious knowing to bring about the pain that is the other half of the joy of our symmetrical world in 3D and 4D. In 5D, there is still symmetry, but we KNOW that they are 2 sides of the same coin!

That other ‘lover’ your ‘partner’ has moved towards is your Twin expression in duality. They are YOU. In 3D we see both our desires and the opposite of our desires manifested. But in 5D, you don’t see things through the physical conscious lens of Mercury untethered from Soul. No, you can SEE the way our oneness is expressed in duality in order to create the experience.

And so you have it! A clarifying few days to sit in Soul Awareness or pain. The choice is yours. If you feel pain, be grateful for the experience of it all and soon your pain will turn to gratitude.

There has been quite a bit of pain and anguish of late. I have heard from many of you. Those who have been brave enough to wonder why they suddenly felt so 3D 😉

If you have been suffering in silence, that is also part of the energy of separation consciousness… or 3D!

At this point, the Moon will ingress Pisces and we will begin to feel the emotional pull towards the Lunar Eclipse.

The Eclipse will likely alleviate some anguish as we can move on from 3D situations more easily as our emotions can be reset. And so the Planets turn and we get a new experience up around the corner.


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