Magic, Soulful Words and Karma – Sep9&10

Snapshot: Friday night we had some magical awareness, though it may have been lost in some painful words if you bought into the 3D vibrations. Saturday morning brings us the last Karmic Square of Saturn to Neptune.

On Friday, Jupiter ingressed Libra but the shift may get lost in the drama of the last Karmic Square.

At 10:36pm on Friday night the Sun at 17:49 Virgo Biquintiled Uranus Retrograde at 23:49 Aries.

Here we had some double-magic clarifying awareness. With any luck, it shed some light on the Karmic Square that was near exacting. It could have shown you your path to freedom from some of the Karmic debris that you still find yourself in.

This aspect had the Sun Quintile my Natal Sun and Uranus Biquintile my Sun creating a Finger of Merlin into Transiting Neptune. There has been some very helpful awareness over the last 2 days around philanthropy/astrology and shared resources/intimacy (my Scorpio Sun).

At 7:51am Mercury Retrograde at 23:09 Virgo Opposes Chiron Retrograde at 23:09 Pisces.

If you were feeling the 3D side of things, this would be some painful words or a difficult dream. If you were in 5D, you might just have spoken some Soulful words that feel healthy to you.

At 9:04am Saturn at 10:24 Sagittarius Squares Neptune Retrograde at 10:24 Pisces.

The Karmic energies you may have found yourself viewing are now getting wrapped up. You may find that you bought into the separation consciousness of this Square and separated from someone. Or you may have found that any duality you experienced in this Square is coming to a close as you get the lesson of this Square.

Its not completely over, these 2 Planets will stay in orb for a few more weeks, right through the Lunar Eclipse. And Neptune will cross of this degree as he Stations Direct again in November and will sit on this degree in late Jan, 2017.

With Jupiter now in Libra, there is some healing that can be applied to any relating-ships that were challenged by the Karmic Squares. More to come on this ingression!

We are now less than one week from the Lunar Eclipse at 24:20 Pisces/Virgo. This Opposition of the Moon to the Sun will, once again, bring us some closure to the areas of our lives where we have 24+ Pisces/Virgo. It will be the externalization of some subconscious things. So it may actually surprise us a bit as well. Or the very opposite that we KNEW it was coming. The closure is not always an ‘ending’ but it brings some quietness to any unresolved feelings we have and can now move forward more realistically.


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  1. As usual, you are always on the spot. Thinking and analyzing every useful meaning of your knowledge.
    Thank you .
    May Ghorayeb

  2. Energy is energy…. we each can feel it… I just know which planets we’re feeling šŸ˜‰ thanks for writing. I’m available for that reading when you’re ready.

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